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BP vs BEL, Mysore

Cricbuzz, Mobilecric or Vcricket livescore BP vs BEL, Mysore 23 Saturday June 2018 123806000000

Belagavi Panthers won by 25 runs

Cricinfo Commentary updated on 23 Saturday June 2018 123806000000

Bellary Tuskers - 129/9 (20 Ovs)
Belagavi Panthers - 154 (19.4 Ovs)

Cricinfo Commentary updated on 23 Saturday June 2018 123806000000
Summary Scorecard

That's the end of the Mysuru leg. We shift up north to Hubli for the business end. An end to our day and our coverage for now as well. Ta ta!!

Sreenath Aravind: The pitch was holding on a bit and I needed the spinners to come good. Whatever score we got was competitive. The three spinners bowled exceptionally. Every match is a learning lesson and we need to do well in the next game. The spinners bowled well in partnerships and we need to continue bowling good lines.

Amit Verma: We really restricted them well. At one stage it looked like they would get to 180-200 but we came back hard. The pitch was gripping a bit but we did not do well with the bat. Devdutt chipped in with three overs and that was a big plus for us. We have a break for three days and the physio is already working on Zahoor.

Stallin Hoover, Man of the Match: Really feels very good; I am getting it after a long time. Playing for the Panthers feels great, plenty of experience. The pitch was holding up a bit but I just went through with my shots.

Well things seemed to have slipped out of control way before the confirmation came out. The wicket surprisingly took to turn and the spinners, with some exceptionally brave bowling reaped out the rewards. Together the three of them went at less that six-an-over in their quota of overs. For the Tuskers, Pawan did them no good with the loss of timing in his slogs as he scratched it out in the middle. He could barely find his timing and his half-century in the end didn't quite help matters. Hang on, the presentations coming up..

19.6 Gowtham to Anil I G, out Bowled!! Another stump rattle. And Belgavi finish off the final rites in style. Skids on with the arm, missing the line, missing the slog but finds the stumps. Can't blame Anil, he falls for some extravaganza at the end. Meanwhile, Gowtham has a four-fer to his name. Anil I G b Gowtham 0(2)

Gowtham to Anil I G, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.5 Gowtham to Anil I G, no run, beaten on the mow. Alternates back to the slower toss up, beaten with the turn going away

Anil I G, left handed bat, comes to the crease

19.4 Gowtham to Prateek Jain, out Bowled!! Mere formalities remain. Follows the toss up with the quick skidder. Angles in with the arm and catches Jain late in his downtown slog. Misses the line and finds his stumps in a mess. Prateek Jain b Gowtham 13(6) [6s-2]

Gowtham to Prateek Jain, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.3 Gowtham to Prateek Jain, no run, now a toss up. As high as it can get and wide enough to sneak under the almighty tonk. Spinning sharply too

19.2 Gowtham to Prateek Jain, no run, keeps it short, firing it in and just a tappy drive to extra cover

19.1 Gowtham to KB Pawan, 1 run, across the line, hacked down to cow corner. Just the single. 26 off 5 now

18.6 Aravind to Prateek Jain, SIX, short, wide. And Prateek keeps his side alive. Does it with a square cut, getting on top of the bounce and slapping it in the air. Over

The equation - 33 off 7

18.5 Aravind to KB Pawan, 1 run, some version of a pull. Clubbed out on the bounce to long-on

18.4 Aravind to KB Pawan, no run, sneaking under the bat on a wild swat

18.4 Aravind to KB Pawan, wide, throws up a wide full toss. Slipping out of the hands and well past the tramline outside off

18.3 Aravind to KB Pawan, 2 runs, a squeezing drive. Toe-ended down the ground

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