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Ind Red vs Ind Blue, Lucknow

Cricbuzz, Mobilecric or Vcricket livescore Ind Red vs Ind Blue, Lucknow 23 Saturday June 2018 123933000000

India Red won by 163 runs

Cricinfo Commentary updated on 23 Saturday June 2018 123933000000

Ind Blue - 229 & 299
Ind Red - 208 & 483

Cricinfo Commentary updated on 23 Saturday June 2018 123933000000
Summary Scorecard

A tournament that wasn't supposed to happen ends with Dinesh Karthik getting the trophy. It's all done and dusted before the bugs and the fumigation party came in. And Lucknow has arrived. And we have to depart. Enjoy some internationals with a switch of tabs. From all of us out here, ta ta!!

Dinesh Karthik, India Red: On a personal note this is a great tournament for me. A great start to the season. It was very important for us as we all got good knowledge. It has been a great tournament, Indrajith and Washington stood out for us. Shaw as well is someone to look out for in the future. I told him to keep going for as long as he could. I think it is important to win matches for whatever teams I play for and that is the focus currently. Washington gets plenty of advice, he is a great talent. He is just going from strength to strength and needs to stay calm; he'd have a great future with the Indian team as well. (Switching formats) The key to all of this is adaptability. It is important to remain fit and be consistent.

Suresh Raina, India Blue: The toss did matter to be honest. There was nothing in the wicket but credit goes to Prithvi Shaw, he showed great character. Washington played well too. We lost the toss and we lost the game. Everything was happening very quickly in the middle when Manoj and me were batting. Easwaran's century showed how we needed to bat on such turning tracks. There has to be something for the second innings (on such tracks to bat on), you cannot just win the toss and win the game.

Washington Sundar, Man of the Match: It is a very good feeling, especially in the final. I was able to get a fifty in the first innings and a fifer in either innings. I was bowling well in the nets and it does give me confidence to contribute through all aspects for my team. In the second innings we weren't in a good position when I came on to bat. I have a lot of confidence with my defence and that's why I decided to spend time in the middle. I'll grow as I keep playing matches on such tracks.

That was quick. A day and a half still remain, but India Blue have surrendered it all in 48 overs. On a track that looked like the remains of Roland-Garros, Washington Sundar made quick work of the rather listless batting. It does tell you the story when your number eight is the highest run-scorer. Take this track with you Washington! 130 runs and a 11-fer. Eventually, it was the first innings that made the difference - with the Blue batsmen falling well short, 184 to be precise. Hang on..the presentations in a bit..

47.6 Washington Sundar to Pankaj Singh, out Bowled!! The end of the fun. Sundar darts one on middle, drags it down a touch too, under the sinking sweep from Pankaj and makes a mess of the stumps. The Reds have their hands on the Duleep. With a massive 163-run win. And Washington has the best figures on his Duleep debut. 11/181. Pankaj Singh b Washington Sundar 6(11)

Washington Sundar to Pankaj Singh, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

47.5 Washington Sundar to Ishant, 1 run, half a sweep. Crouched in taking it behind square

47.4 Washington Sundar to Ishant, FOUR, straight back. A tired ball, nothing in it, taken at the pitch of it and drills it over the bowler

47.3 Washington Sundar to Ishant, no run, so very textbook. Bat in front of pad

47.2 Washington Sundar to Ishant, SIX, and he goes slogging. Dancing down, using all his reach, didn't quite have to with the ball right in the slot. Over cow corner

47.1 Washington Sundar to Ishant, no run, finds a diving leg-gully, who cuts off the nudge

46.6 Vijay Gohil to Ishant, 1 run, carves out a drive through extra cover. Continues delaying the inevitable

46.5 Vijay Gohil to Ishant, no run, a violent smoke. All the force in slamming it onto his pad

46.4 Vijay Gohil to Ishant, no run, chips the drive. Cover it is

46.3 Vijay Gohil to Pankaj Singh, 1 run, a low full toss drifting down leg. Turned around the corner

46.2 Vijay Gohil to Pankaj Singh, no run, bat jabbed over the pad. Ramps it to off in the end

46.1 Vijay Gohil to Pankaj Singh, 2 runs, wrists it in front of square

Vijay Gohil [19.0-1-98-3] is back into the attack

45.6 Washington Sundar to Pankaj Singh, 1 run, checks his push, finds the gap around cover and is happy to jog across

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