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Khulna Titans won by 2 wkts

Khulna Titans - 168/8 (19.2 Ovs)
Rajshahi Kings - 166/8 (20 Ovs)

Summary Scorecard

That's it from this game. Remember it's a double header today. We will go and fill our coffee mugs, join us after a while as Dhaka Dynamites take on Rangpur Riders in a little over an hour from now. See you all!

16:47 Local Time, 10:47 GMT, 16:17 IST: Ariful Haque has won it single-handedly for Khulna. Came pretty late in the innings, when his team was virtually out of the match. Sami was bowling some brilliant yorkers and it looked all but over for Khulna. But Haque kept his calm and managed 18 runs off the 18th over, Hossain Ali was the unlucky bowler. Once the equation was achievable, he ensured that he had the strike for the last over. Needed only two balls in the last over from Smith to seal the deal. Earlier it was a valiant effort from skipper Mahmudullah which had kept them in the game for most part of the innings before some late wickets brought Rajshahi back.

19.2 Dwayne Smith to A Haque, FOUR, another full toss. A Haque gets across and helps it past short fine leg. Khulna win by 2 wickets. They are all out there. Ariful Haque is going berserk, has thrown his bat away and is jumping in delight

19.1 Dwayne Smith to A Haque, SIX, full toss. A Haque slogs across the line and clears the deep backward square leg fence. That should be it

Dwayne Smith [2.0-0-16-1] is back into the attack

18.6 Sami to A Haque, 1 run

18.5 Sami to A Haque, 2 runs, full toss. A Haque whips through mid-wicket and calls for the second. Junaid Khan is in danger at the bowler's end but Sami fails to collect the throw

18.4 Sami to A Haque, FOUR, A Haque gets his front leg across the line, gets a length ball and helps it with a sweep through square leg

16 off 9

18.3 Sami to A Haque, no run, yorker just outside off. Digs it out

18.2 Sami to A Haque, 2 runs, length ball. A Haque clears the front leg and swipes through mid-wicket

18.1 Sami to A Haque, no run, full ball. A Haque tries to swing it across, ends up jamming into the turf

17.6 Hossain Ali to Junaid Khan, no run, yorker outside off. Junaid Khan makes room to squeeze it away, does not connect

17.5 Hossain Ali to A Haque, 1 run, length ball on off. A Haque gets across to lap it, ends up helping behind square on the on-side

19 needed off 14

17.4 Hossain Ali to A Haque, SIX, full ball on off. A Haque clears the front leg and lofts it over the bowler. Hits the base of the bat but puts enough on it to clear the fence

17.4 Hossain Ali to A Haque, wide, banged in short. Too high, wided

17.3 Hossain Ali to A Haque, FOUR, this man is turning it on. Full ball on off and he drives it past the bowler. No chance for the man at mid-off

17.2 Hossain Ali to A Haque, 2 runs, fuller ball. A Haque throws his bat at it, edges to third man. The fielder gets across but loses the balance while stopping it, allows the second run

17.1 Hossain Ali to A Haque, FOUR, that's lucky. A Haque makes room to this short ball and flat bats it off the base of the bat through mid-off. The fielder is in the ring and it races to the fence

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