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DHAKA vs RGR, Dhaka

Cricbuzz, Mobilecric or Vcricket livescore DHAKA vs RGR, Dhaka 18 Monday June 2018 041136000000

Rangpur Riders won by 3 runs

Cricinfo Commentary updated on 18 Monday June 2018 041136000000

Dhaka Dynamites - 139 (20 Ovs)
Rangpur Riders - 142 (19.5 Ovs)

Cricinfo Commentary updated on 18 Monday June 2018 041136000000
Summary Scorecard

So Dhaka have now suffered consecutive hiccups, opening the table even further and bringing the other teams into the picture too. A wonderful day of cricket today, with two very exciting finishes. Hoping tomorrow to be the same. Until then, it's goodbye!

Gayle: Good to be among the runs again. We were looking to get more than 140. New ball came on to the bat nicely. But when you lose crucial wickets at crucial times, it's difficult. Credit to the bowlers for defending the target.

Chris Gayle is Man of the Match

21:59 Local Time, 15:59 GMT, 21:29 IST: Wow, what a finish! Dhaka have somehow managed to botch their run-chase spectacularly. No question they should have got home, and should have done so comfortably. However, first, Afridi allowed Rangpur an opening when he threw his wicket away with an ugly slog. That wicket stalled their momentum appreciably. And then in the last over, with 10 required, it appeared as if Pollard would go on to finish it off after he hit a giant six off the third ball. But now in hindsight, his decision to refuse three possible singles is what came back to bite him as Perera produced two sensational yorkers off the final two balls to help Rangpur pull off a heist.

19.6 Perera to Abu Hider, out Bowled!! Back-to-back yorkers to seal the game. Perera, you ripper! Rangpur Riders have come back from nowhere to clinch this nail-biter by 3 runs. Hider, expecting the yorker, moved across to paddle it away, but he made no contact and that was it. Abu Hider b Perera 0(1)

Perera to Abu Hider, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Abu Hider Rony, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.5 Perera to Pollard, out Bowled!! Perera nails the yorker, and nails the leg-stump with it. Pollard backed himself to do the job, but now that he's gone, it's left the No. 11 batsman with 4 to get off one ball. It all comes down to decisions. Pollard made the choice of staying put at the striker's end. He may well regret it now. But how was that for a yorker from Perera. Under pressure, he delivers a beauty. Pollard b Perera 12(14) [6s-1]

Perera to Pollard, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.4 Perera to Pollard, no run, oh well. He's hit the full toss along the ground to deep mid-wicket this time, and has denied the single again

Some issues with the ball it seems after that strike. Wouldn't be surprised if its core has moved by six inches

19.3 Perera to Pollard, SIX, oh yes. This is a batsman having complete faith in his abilities to pull it off. As soon as Perera errs with the length, he disappears. A full toss for Pollard to feast on and he smokes it over the mid-wicket boundary

19.2 Perera to Pollard, no run, turns down the single again as he drills the ball to long-on. He's backing himself, Pollard. Time will tell if this is a wise move

19.1 Perera to Pollard, no run, what a yorker from Perera, Pollard squeezes it down to fine leg, refuses the single

Thisara Perera [3.0-0-31-0] is back into the attack

Mohammad Amir, left handed bat, comes to the crease

It's down to 10 from the final over. Pollard on strike, which is the main thing.

18.6 Malinga to Nadif, out Caught by Bopara!! This has been miscued off the toe-end, and the catch is taken at mid-wicket. What an over from Lasith Malinga, stepping up to the situation. It's another low full toss, which is difficult to hit. Nadif goes for it, but gets it right at the bottom. Oh Malinga. His magic is still there. Nadif c Bopara b Malinga 2(6)

Malinga to Nadif, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

18.5 Malinga to Nadif, no run, slingy low full toss at the stumps, Nadif pushes it back down the pitch where Malinga stretches his right leg out and gets a boot to it. Brilliant

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