Amendment In BCB Constitution Paves Way For Regional Cricket Association

Cricket News By TODAYLIVESCORE.INFO - Amendment in BCB constitution paves way for Regional Cricket Association. The Bangladesh Cricket Board at last has made an amendment to their constitution

Amendment In BCB Constitution Paves Way For Regional Cricket AssociationThe Bangladesh Cricket Board at last has made an amendment to their constitution

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has finally made an amendment to their constitution that has paved the way for the formation of the Regional Cricket Association. The necessary changes were approved by the Board councillors, who have voting rights in the election, during the Annual General Meeting of the board at a city hotel.

BCB president Nazmul Hasan promised to form the RCA after getting elected for the first time in 2013 and he again promised get the RCA up and running when he got elected for the second time in 2017. But it took him nine years and into his third term for the RCA to begin taking shape.

RCA is supposed to be a major step in decentralization of cricket at an administrative level and grassroots, which will have a significant impact on the overall growth of the sport. Eddie Barlow first introduced the concept when he was Bangladesh's coach in 1999-2000 in order to take cricket forward in the country. He helped formulate and execute plans with which the country achieved official Test status. He also pushed for the formation of the RCA then.

In the draft, there was a bid to have seven associations for each region to be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to run independently. Although the idea was floated first in 2000, no meaningful progress was made until the BCB councillors decided to approve the amendment required in their constitution to get the RCA working.

“We don't have any barrier to form the RCA from now onwards. Till date we have controlled everything from Dhaka while we were going to different divisions from Dhaka, and honestly speaking, we had very little control at the district level. But now after RCA activities start we hope that we can do much better in this regard (taking cricket to the grassroot level),” Nazmul told reporters after the AGM on Tuesday (July 19). ”We hope that before our next board meeting we can start the activities of RCA.”

The directors and councillors of Dhaka, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Chattogram, Khulna, Rangpur, and Barisal divisions will be included in the committee of seven in the RCA while the Mymensingh division will be included as part of Dhaka.

However, the question remains whether the RCA can work independently or not considering the fact that BCB will form the committee of the RCA's body that will have 11 members in some divisions and seven members in other relatively small divisions. “The councillors during the AGM asked us (board) to form the committee so the initial guideline will be provided by BCB,” Nazmul said.

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