We Were Not As Tough As We Could Be: Shakib

Cricket News By TODAYLIVESCORE.INFO - We were not as tough as we could be: Shakib. Shakib felt it was high time Bangladesh sat together to make plans considering they have five months before their next Test assignment.

We Were Not As Tough As We Could Be: ShakibShakib felt it was high time Bangladesh sat together to make plans considering they have five months before their next Test assignment.

Bangladesh Test skipper, Shakib al Hasan, after Bangladesh’s 10-wicket loss to West Indies in the second Test in St Lucia on Monday (June 27), conceded that they needed to go back to the drawing board in order to make long-term plans to do well in Test cricket. Shakib, who was brought back into the leadership role after Mominul Haque decided to step down ahead of the tour, failed to change the fortunes of the visitors with his side being cleanly swept away by the hosts in the two-match Test series.

In the recent past, disastrous batting displays in Test cricket seemed to be the talking point of Bangladesh and it continued the same manner in the Caribbean as well. Shakib felt it was largely due to the lack of game awareness and their will to fight it out till the end.

“Game awareness is an important thing and if we take this Test into consideration, we lost wickets just before drinks break, lunch break or just before the rain was coming. And if this was not the case, the situation might have been different. These things are part of game awareness and what I feel in these two Test matches, we could not show as much character as we are capable of showing and we were not as tough as we could be,” Shakib said.

He also added that it was high time Bangladesh sat together to make plans considering they have five months before their next Test assignment. Unless they did so, he doesn’t believe things will change in the longer format. Bangladesh will host India in December to play two Tests and three ODIs that will be played in Dhaka and Chattogram.

“Look we have to improve in every department (not just batting) if we want to win a Test match. I think it is good that we have a long gap so I feel during this gap those who are interested in playing Tests and want to play Tests will be working individually to improve. Without improvement there is no way we can do well and there is no set of players who will do well if they are called. So if we can move forward by making a plan with the set of available players and the other three to four players who are outside I feel we can do something good. Otherwise it is difficult to have any big change from what had happened so far. So we have to make changes in a couple of areas and to do that we have to change our mentality because that is important and we have work to do in this aspect (making changes along with mental shift).

“Because we have a five-month gap (before series against India) now, so we can sit and talk, later take a decision after thinking over it by ourselves. If we can sit and agree on any particular thing and then move forward and if we can get one to one and half year we can have a good result at least on a consistent basis. I am not saying that we have to win the Test and if you see then you will find any country touring abroad is considered to be underdogs. New Zealand are currently champions of the Test Championship but even they lost when they are playing away from home and it is the same with England, Australia and India. What I feel is that we must make sure that we don’t lose at home; either we earn a draw or win the game and if we can do this improvement, then it will help us in away performances because we might not win at that point of time but at least will play competitive cricket which is very important and so it is very important that we plan very well when we play at home and make sure we don’t lose though it sounds negative but something like that. At least we win or even if we can’t win at least we end the series with a draw,” he said.

Shakib also added that lack of Test cricket culture is one of the reason why cricketers are leaning towards white-ball cricket, citing the need to change the scenario.

“I think you can’t fault the players totally for it (being less interested in Tests) because our system is like that. When did you see that 30,000 or 25,000 fans are watching a Test match from the ground whereas in England this happens in every match. So there was no Test culture in our country before and that is not there even today,” said Shakib.

“But because it is not there that will not happen. It is also not the case and it’s a big responsibility to change it (bring Test culture) and to do that if we can sit together and work after making a plan then there is a possibility that something might happen otherwise I don’t think we can move forward a lot because we don’t have the culture. We must make sure that we play Tests well at home and on a consistent basis. When you do that, even if you do bad in one or two away series’ it won’t be a big issue. So it is very important that we play well at home.”

Shakib, however, was confident of Bangladesh bouncing back in the white-ball series against West Indies. He said it was important to do well against the West Indies to give them a boost ahead of the Asia Cup and T20 WC.

“If you consider the preparation for the ICC World Cup then it (the T20 series against West Indies) is important because we will play Asia Cup and then World Cup so we don’t have much of time and taking that into consideration it is very important series for us. I think it will be a big challenge for us taking on West Indies in the T20s. If we can do well here, this confidence will really help when we play Asia Cup in Sri Lanka because it will help us to carry a good mindset because I know Asia Cup will be really tough where there will be India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Sri Lanka is playing well consistently. We have lot of areas where we can improve but if we can play as a team I believe that we can win this series,” he said.

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