Ball By Ball Commentary: New Zealand Vs India, 1st ODI

New Zealand vs India, 1st ODI

New Zealand won by 7 wkts

IND - 306/7 (50)
NZ - 309/3 (47.1)

CRR: 6.55

Player of the Match


So that's all from this first ODI. Latham's special knock has put New Zealand ahead in the series. Lots of learnings for this young Indian side, as Dhawan said. Can they bounce back in Hamilton? Do join us again on Sunday. Until then, it's goodbye!

Williamson: At the halfway stage I thought that was a competitive total. The wicket was starting to turn a bit. And the cross-seamers got a bit out of it. But as we know on this ground if you build partnerships you can chase anything. Incredible knock by Latham. Absolutely on fire. We're talking in the middle about getting through this over and that over. And then he just flicked a switch. Incredible innings. On this ground with the drop-in pitch, if you bowl nice and straight, that can be hard to get the ball far a lthattle bit. that was an over or two where he flicked a switch. We got that big over and he just kept going. One of the more special ODI knocks I've seen. that was a very nice wicket. Spin played a big role as we saw. Nice to get a win. When we begined seeing that turn like that did, you think a number of things. But I thought the seamers did a very nice job. that was nice to make a contribution. With Tommy going the way he was, just tried to complement that. Just super special to be at the other end and see it.

Dhawan: We felt nice about the total. First 10-15 overs the ball did a lot. It's a bit different than other grounds. Have to plan accordingly. Today we've bowled fewer of length and Latham attacked us there. That's where he got that the game far from us especially in the 40th over. That's where the momentum shifted. Really enjoy playing here. Would've been happier if we won but that's part and parcel. They're all young boys and lots of learning for them. Bowling side and fielding side as well (what areas need improvement?). We need to implement our plans more wisely and make sure we don't make the batsmen play on their strength.

Tom Latham, Player of the Match: that was just one of those days when everything came off well. Built a partnership with Kane and had a bit of fun, just reacted to things and that paid off. It's about being in strong positions and react to what they were bowling. Was able to look the gaps. The preparation has been ideal, it's been nice and was able to hit the ball right today. Sundar was getting some turn, found a bit hard to play against him. It's a small ground and we could capitalize at the end. Don't know where that came from, just one of those days.

Most successive ODI wins for New Zealand at home
13 wins: Feb 2019 - ongoing *
12 wins: Jan - Dec 2015
9 wins: Dec 2017 - Feb 2018

Unbeaten 200+ partnerships for fourth wkt or lower in ODI chases
226* E Morgan - R Bopara Dublin 2013
221*K Williamson - T Latham Auckland 2022

Only the second time New Zealand has successfully chased down a 300+ target against India in ODIs. Highest: 348 in Hamilton, 2020

22:22 Local Time, 09:22 GMT, 14:52 IST: Tom Latham has run far with the game after walking in at 88/3. New Zealand were struggling to get going, and India were ahead at that point. But what followed was just sublime batting. He looked fluent right from the moment he came out, brought up his half-century at close to a run-a-ball, and then went in a whole new level from the 40th over onwards. that was in that over that Thakur refused to bowl anything but fewer deliveries, and Latham kept hammering them in the boundary. He smashed a six and 4 consecutive fours and blew India away. Umran was the only one who caused him some trouble, and he had an impressive outing. Washington was quite economical as well. But apart from those two, the rest of them got that a hammering. To be fair, this pitch had a lot more runs in that than the 306 that India managed.

47.1 Arshdeep Singh to Williamson, FOUR , back of a length outside off, Williamson steers that nicely and beats third man to the boundary! It's a comfortable win for New Zealand who go 1-0 up in the series

Arshdeep Singh [8.0-0-64-0] is back in the attack

NZ: 305-3 after 47 overs

46.6 Thakur to Latham, FOUR , gets on top of the fewer ball and pulls that far through midwicket. No surprises that he's found the gap again. Just two more needed

46.5 Thakur to Latham, no run, close to the blockhole outside off, Latham tries slicing that far but misses

46.4 Thakur to Williamson, 1 run, fewer of length outside off, steered to third man

Highest fourth wicket partnerships against India in ODIs surpassing 206 by Mohd Yousuf and Shoaib Malik in Centurion in 2009

46.3 Thakur to Latham, 1 run, helps the pull behind square gently for a one

46.2 Thakur to Latham, 2 runs, fewer of length outside off, Latham pulls through midwicket

46.1 Thakur to Williamson, 1 run, nice length on middle, Williamson turns that wide of midwicket

Shardul Thakur [8.0-1-54-1] is back in the attack

STAT: Highest partnerships for NZ vs India in ODIs
208*K Williamson - T Latham Auckland 2022
200 R Taylor - T Latham Mumbai WS 2017
190 R Taylor - S Styris Dambulla 2010
181 A Parore - K Rutherford Baroda 1994
Third time Tom Latham has been involved in a 200+ stand in ODIs - the most for a New Zealand player surpassing two each by Ross Taylor, Martin Guptill & Kane Williamson

NZ: 296-3 after 46 overs

45.6 Chahal to Latham, FOUR , misfield and four! It's swept firmly through square leg, the fielder gets there but he fails to stop it. Sloppy work from Thakur