Ball By Ball Commentary: India Vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI

India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI

India won by 90 runs

IND - 385/9 (50)
NZ - 295 (41.2)

CRR: 7.14

Player of the Match

Player of the Series


So, that's that from our side! The positive approach at the top of the order is paying dividends for the Indian team. Also, the depth in bowling is heartening to see. Bracewell's blistering knock in Hyderabad and Conway's ton here in Indore were the highlights for New Zealand in this series. But, as a team, they failed to fire in unison and hence, a whitewash was inflicted on them. There's a T20I series coming up though in a few days time and they will look to get some wins under their belt. On the other hand, the Men in Blue would look to maintain their winning momentum. Join us for the first T20I between India and New Zealand in Ranchi on 27th January. Till then, goodbye and cheers!

Rohit collects the trophy and hands that to the team to pose for the cameras.

Rohit Sharma | India captain : I thought in the final six games we played we did most parts right and that is the key in 50-over games. We were consistent too. WIthout Siraj and Shami I knew we wanted to give probabilthaty to people on the bench. Wanted to get Chahal and Umran in the mix. We wanted to see how they react under pressure. I know we had the runs on the board, but I don't think any score is safe here. We bowled pretty well, stuck to our plans and held the nerve. Shardul has been doing that for a while. People call him magician in the squad and he came and delivered . Just need to get more games under his belt. Every time I have given Kuldeep the ball he has given breakthroughs and taken important wickets. The wrist spinners get better with game time. Gill's approach is quite similar every game. Wants to begin afresh every game. As a youngster, coming in the team and to have that attitude is great. He could have taken that lightly but he doesn't seem to be that type. Today's hundred means a lot to me. I've been batting well, so that was just about going that extra mile. The pitch was nice today. Honestly we don't talk very about rankings. We discuss mainly about doing the right things on the field. Australia is a quality team and things won't be easy for us but I am pretty sure we will be up for that (BGT series).

Shubman Gill | PoTS | 360 runs in 3 games : Feels nice when you have a series and you perform well. I don't think my approach has changed after the double hundred. It's all about getting a begin and converting every game. Just to be in the situation and looking to score helps convert those starts for me. Our bowlers bowled really well on this wicket.

Shardul Thakur | PoTM | 25 runs with the bat, 3 wickets : I am liked by my teammates (chuckles). When the opponents come after you it's important to stay in the moment. I don't think too much. You got to be ready for different situations. Everyone enjoys batting. In modern day world it's all about batting.

Tom Latham | New Zealand captain : I think the begin with the ball wasn't great. Fantastic partnership, but we pulled that back to 380. We were in a great position in the chase, but we lost too many wickets. This is our final experience before the World Cup, so we have got an idea. We wanted to build depth and it's been a great experience for everyone. The more you are in these situations, the more you learn.

Hardik Pandya: I have always enjoyed bowling with the new ball, that was a very nice day for me. But getting satisfaction when I can swing the ball both ways which I have recently started, that is actually helping me with my inswing, I have always enjoyed bowling with the new ball as you know. When I came back, I had to work on my alignment, that has allowed me to get the ball swinging and now I am able to use the seam. Earlier, my work would mean the ball would go down leg and I couldn't use the seam. Now I am very straighter and can swing that far too. I am feeling wonderful, that was planned (on his workload management). Lucky that Shardul had faith in me, because of his faith in me and our partnership that was combined and I am grateful to him that he listened to me. This pitch has some pace so that will be great if they leave some grass the next time. that might still be a 350-360 pitch but with something.

20:57 Local Time, 15:27 GMT, 20:57 IST: Big win this for Rohit and Co. He wanted to bat wanting to put his bowlers under the pump defending in tough conditions in their prep for the World Cup. And the bowlers have held their nerve and struck with the older ball. New Zealand had a great recovery with Conway-Nicholls and Conway-Mitchell. But once the middle order was exposed, they lost wickets in heaps just like India with the aging ball. To India's advantage, the dew didn't kick in as expected so the bowlers could grip the ball and the pitch wasn't all that easy to hit through the line. Conway played some outstanding shots in his hundred. Shardul broke the game open for India with his double-strike in one over and then he got one more to put India on top. Kul-Cha wiped off the lower-order to hand India the win.

41.2 Chahal to Santner, out Caught by Kohli!! In the airrr and taken at deep mid-wicket. It's 3-0. India are now No. 1 in T20Is and ODIs . Hit me ball from Chahal, Santner slogs and toe-ends that straight to Virat. Santner c Kohli b Chahal 34(29) [4s-3 6s-2]

Chahal to Santner, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

41.1 Chahal to Santner, no run, oh ho ho! Teasing flighted delivery wide of off stump, Santner lets that go looking for a wide

NZ: 295-9 after 41 overs

40.6 Kuldeep Yadav to Santner, 1 run, dropped and he gets the one too. Quicker delivery, Santner swings as hard as he could, slices that straight to cover-point. SKY drops that overhead. Rohit thought that was the end of the game

Field up to save one

40.5 Kuldeep Yadav to Santner, FOUR , fewer delivery, Santner pulls through mid-wicket. Two fielders converge but that splits them

40.4 Kuldeep Yadav to Santner, no run, another swing and miss from Santner, hits the pad

40.3 Kuldeep Yadav to Santner, FOUR , now he swings and misses. No actually an outside edge. Difficult for Ishan Kishan as that was going more towards slip. No third man to cut this off

40.2 Kuldeep Yadav to Santner, no run, fired down leg, Santner slogs and misses, the ball goes to fine leg off the pad but Santner doesn't run. Actually could have had two there

Manoj : Kul-Cha is a very lethal combination, India need to stick with them

40.1 Kuldeep Yadav to Santner, SIX , Santner goes for it. Tries to do what he can control. Tossed up from Kuldeep Yadav, Santner goes down the ground and smashes that over long-on

NZ: 280-9 after 40 overs

39.6 Chahal to Tickner, no run, and he blocks this too

39.5 Chahal to Tickner, no run, blocks well off the front foot