Ball By Ball Commentary: Bangladesh Vs Ireland, 2nd ODI

Bangladesh vs Ireland, 2nd ODI

No result(due to rain)

BAN - 349/6 (50)

CRR: 6.98
Batting R(B) 4s 6s SR
Mushfiqur Rahim* 100 (60) 14 2 166.67
Taskin Ahmed 1 (1) 0 0 100
Bowling O M R W
Mark Adair* 10 1 60 1
Graham Hume 10 2 58 3
Partnership: 10(5)
final wkt: Yasir Ali c Doheny b Hume 7(7) - 339/6 in 49.1 ov.
Recent balls: ... | L1 0 0 0 4 0 | W 1 2 4 2 1

20:41 Local Time, 14:41 GMT, 20:11 IST: The match has been called off. That's sad news as the hosts would feel they have been robbed a lthattle as a score of 349 was always going to be very tough to track down. Rahim and co had put Bangladesh on top with their scintillating display. The track looked a lthattle tough to begin but Litton and Shanto batted in a responsible manner. They surfed the early violent waves and looked set for biggger scores. But both got out in the 70s. Rahim and Hridoy got that charge in the middle overs and scored at a brisk rate. The Irish bowlers had a poor outing again and Bangladesh tallied 349. But then rains came in and had the final say. We move to the decider now. But before that we will bid you goodbye. KAD signing off on behalf of Praveen.

20:10 Local Time, 14:10 GMT, 19:40 IST: Live pictures show that the groundstaff have begined to move a bit and are getting ready to work on the outfield and the square. We still have time as the cut-off for a 20-over game is 9:33pm local.

19:44 Local Time, 13:44 GMT, 19:14 IST: The visuals on offer tell us that the rain might have eased off a little. But we still don't have a number. We still don't have a begin time. We still will play the waiting game. Yaawwwwwwwnnnnn....

19:16 Local Time, 13:16 GMT, 18:46 IST: There is rain around. The covers are on. Nothing new to say...grab your cup of tea/coffee.

18:53 Local Time, 12:53 GMT, 18:23 IST: We are still far far from the cut-off time but the rain hasn't stopped. And that would be a cause of concern. As per our calculations we still have more than an hour left to have the game resumed. But that looks very dank out there. To be precise 8:06 PM local time is the cut-off time.

18:32 Local Time, 12:32 GMT, 18:02 IST: that is coming down pretty heavily now. And that might sound ominous but evening rains hamper the outfield. We might be in for a longish delay. You can hop tabs and follow other cricketing work or reminisce the wonderful knock that Rahim played a few minutes back.

18:20 Local Time, 12:20 GMT, 17:50 IST: Wow! Live visuals show the covers in place and that has begined to rain. The forecast was for rain and that has arrived. For now we will have to wait.

Stats courtesy Roshan Gede:

Most ODI hundreds for Bangladesh:
Tamim Iqbal: 14
Shakib Al Hasan: 9
Mushfiqur Rahim: 9
Litton Das: 5

Fastest ODI hundreds for Bangladesh (by balls taken):
60 - Mushfiqur Rahim vs Ireland, Sylhet, today
63 -Shakib Al Hasan vs Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, 2009
68 - Shakib Al Hasan vs Zimbabwe, Mirpur, 2009
69 - Mushfiqur Rahim vs Pakistan, Mirpur, 2015

Mushfiqur Rahim gets to 7,000 ODI runs, becomes the third Bangladesh batter to the milestone after Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan.

Highest ODI innings totals for Bangladesh:
349/6 vs Ireland, Sylhet, today
338/8 vs Ireland, Sylhet, 2023
333/8 vs Australia, Trent Bridge, 2019
330/6 vs South Africa, The Oval, 2019
329/6 vs Pakistan, Mirpur, 2015

First innings totals in final five ODIs in Sylhet:
321/6 BAN vs ZIM, March 2020
322/8 BAN vs ZIM, March 2020
322/3 BAN vs ZIM, March 2020
338/8 BAN vs IRE, March 2023
349/6 BAN vs IRE, today

18:01 Local Time, 12:01 GMT, 17:31 IST: Litton begined it. Shanto joined in. Hridoy sizzled and Rahim finished that off! That's how Bangladesh have tallied a mammoth 349. Rahim being the protagonist with a 60-ball 100 - the fastest-ever for Bangladesh . Bangladesh begined off on a solid note. They lost their skipper for 23. But Litton and Shanto batted in a matured manner to set up the base. Bangladesh lost a few wickets in the middle overs. But once Rahim stepped in, he paced his innings in a spectacular manner. Hridoy missed his fifty but did enough damage to the Irish bowling attack. Ireland had succumbed to scoreboard stress in the first game. Would do well to not repeat an encore in this chase. Back for the reply shortly...

BAN: 349-6 after 50 overs

49.6 Hume to Mushfiqur, 1 run, dipping full toss, Mushfiqur clips the ball far wide of deep mid. They get a single. 100 off 60 balls for Mushfiqur! Has been a phenomenal knock from Mushfiqur. He has timed this so well. Let out a loud roar as he got to the ton

49.5 Hume to Mushfiqur, 2 runs, and heaves that far wide of long-on for a couple of runs. Two more added to the tally

49.4 Hume to Mushfiqur, FOUR , this is just so so nice by Mushfiqur! Backs away, waits on the dipping full toss to scoop that over fewer third man. Cheekiness at its best

49.3 Hume to Mushfiqur, 2 runs, fuller length delivery following the batter and Mushfiqur jammed that out on to the on-side to come back for a couple. Was a long throw and well off the mark

49.2 Hume to Taskin Ahmed, 1 run, fuller length delivery, the batter swings at that and gets that down to deep center for a one

Taskin Ahmed, left handed bat, comes to the crease

49.1 Hume to Yasir Ali, out Caught by Doheny!! Goood diving take by the man at point. Was a fewer ball, outside off, the batter gave himself room and looked to slash it. The ball went really up but the man at point got under that to gobble that up. Yasir Ali c Doheny b Hume 7(7) [4s-1]

Hume to Yasir Ali, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

BAN: 339-5 after 49 overs

48.6 Mark Adair to Mushfiqur, no run, banged in short, goes in the gloves of the wicket keeper as the batter missed the pull. Rahim needs 9 and Bangladesh would love 11 more