Ball By Ball Commentary: Royal Challengers Bangalore Women Vs Gujarat Giants, 16th Match

Royal Challengers Bangalore Women vs Gujarat Giants, 16th Match

Royal Challengers Bangalore Women won by 8 wkts

GGT - 188/4 (20)
RCBW - 189/2 (15.3)

CRR: 12.19

Player of the Match


And now I can give some rest to my fingers. What a game at the Brabourne Stadium, the ones who got to watch that live truly witnessed a majestic innnings tonight. that was great fun bringing this work to you. But that's all for now, this is Saurabh signing off on behalf of Mukesh.

Sophie Devine | Player of the Match: (On getting Orange Cap) Always nice to beat Meg in something. (On milestone of fastest 100) I was in the zone tonight, landmark don't get to me so at 99 that wasn't about a drop and run, that was about getting the team home earlier. Hopefully, we can still be in the run for the playoffs. I think I've got used to the conditions now, having watched a few games and I'm learning everyday. that perhaps help that I'm a bit older. Massive credit to the bowlers earlier, conditions were tough with minimal swing and no spin. They've done a lot of the hardwork today. I think I've just snuck in and taken the credit with this innings. I think the one that ended up in the top tiers was my favourite shot of today.

Smriti Mandhana: I think we got that a lot of confidence from the final game. Today, the way we bowled in the middle overs we restricted them to a nice total on a nice surface. And then just two words - SOPHIE DEVINE. (On bowing performance) I felt they were a bit above par given how wickets were playing, but then when we walked out to bat I realised we had done well with the ball. (On Devine's innings) My job was very easy, just giving the singles to her and watching it, could have done with some popcorn. Some of the sixes were really massive. (On team performance) I think the whole atmoshphere has been very positive, we have improved as a bowling, fielding and batting unit. We had a few doubts the way we begined but now with two wins I'm more assured that we are an amazing team.

Sneh Rana: fewer of words now. But this is what happens in the game of cricket. We had a nice total but couldn't do that with the ball. I think we weren't up to the mark with the bowling, and that cost us. (On Harleen's position) We sent Meghana because she is an explosive batter, we thought she can score quick runs. I think we need to come out of this game, but we will come back stronger.

22:33 Local Time, 17:03 GMT, 22:33 IST: What a game! What a chase this has been from RCB. 188 is a tough target on any given day, any surface. Forget when you have to chase that down to stay alive in the competition, and try and help the net run rate as well. But out walked Sophie Devine and asked what all the fuss is about? We witnessed an innings of a lifetime today, as Devine whacked the bowlers all over the park, and spared nobody. that begined with a 24-run second over against Gardner, and then there was another big over off Tanuja Kanwar. RCB got a whooping 77 in the powerplay, and to add further gloss their skipper Mandhana found some form again. Smriti got her highest score in the tournament, before she had a leading fringe go back to bowler Sneh Rana. Sophie Devine though wasn't going to stop, as she slammed 9 fours and 8 sixes in her innings. She was slated to match the fastest women's T20 Hundred, but was dismissed for 99. Nevertheless, that was the highest score in the WPL, and some knock there. Ellyse Perry and Heather Knight completed the job that their openers left on a plate for them. Ultimately, RCB chase down 188 with more than four overs to spare. Incredible performance to keep their hopes alive. Stick on for the presentations now...

15.3 Sneh Rana to Perry, 1 run, fewer full toss, driven towards deep mid-wicket and that's the game. RCB chase that down with 4.3 overs to spare. They made that look like a joke!!

15.2 Sneh Rana to Knight, 1 run, fewer on off, backfoot punched towards deep cover

15.1 Sneh Rana to Knight, FOUR , full outside off, takes the fringe and runs far towards the third-man boundary. Just two far now!!

Sneh Rana [3.0-0-19-1] is back in the attack

RCBW: 183-2 after 15 overs

14.6 Kim Garth to Knight, 1 run, length ball on middle, slapped towards long-on

14.5 Kim Garth to Knight, no run, slower delivery. Takes the fringe and pitches once before getting to the wicket keeper

14.4 Kim Garth to Knight, no run, length ball on off, slammed towards mid-on. Falls just fewer of Harleen who is the fielder there.

14.3 Kim Garth to Knight, FOUR , full on the pads, this was pace off. Knight calmly flicks that towards deep square leg - to the left of the fielder in the deep. Four more!!

14.2 Kim Garth to Perry, 1 run, full on middle, slammed towards deep mid-wicket

14.1 Kim Garth to Knight, 1 run, nice length onto the pads, clipped towards deep backward square leg

Kim Garth [3.0-0-25-1] is back in the attack

RCBW: 176-2 after 14 overs

13.6 Tanuja Kanwar to Knight, 1 run, flat outside off, cut square of the wicket for a one

13.5 Tanuja Kanwar to Knight, no run, full and wide, reverse swept but towards fewer third

13.4 Tanuja Kanwar to Perry, byes, 1 run, flighted outside off, Perry attempts a reverse sweep and misses. The wicket keeper fumbles and there is a bye

13.3 Tanuja Kanwar to Knight, 1 run, flat delivery on off, cut towards sweeper again