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BCCI secretary writes scathing letter to CoA

Cricket news - BCCI secretary writes scathing letter to CoA

Less than 24 hours after the Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) listed out a 12-pointer to office bearers of the BCCI, curbing their authority in day-to-day functioning of the Board, the office bearers shot back a letter to the CoA on Friday (March 16). Through the letter, BCCI's acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary reminded the latter of the court's directives through orders dated July 18, 2016, January 02, 2017 and January 30, 2017. In no uncertain terms, it was conveyed that the committee has merely drifted away from following the SC mandate.

Choudhary told the CoA that while the office-bearers of the BCCI have been abiding by the orders of the Supreme Court, the CoA -- for reasons best known to them -- have made it a "mission" to prevent the office-bearers from functioning and going to the extent of issuing directives that have not been drawn in entirety from the SC order.

From the time the CoA, through BCCI CEO Rahul Johri's office, had communicated to the International Cricket Council (ICC) about who would represent India at the Board meetings of the game's global body to conveying to the committee time and again that they were at no liberty to modify the SC order, Choudhary conveyed to the CoA that as per his understanding, "the SC orders (dated Jan 02 & 30, 2017) had two parts: a) Expeditious implementation of the Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment of July 18, 2016, and, b) Supervision of management and administration of the BCCI.

"However, despite my best efforts, I have still not been able to find in these orders, the two cardinal aspects that the CoA has been giving effect to since your very first day in office, namely, that i) No office bearers exist

ii) CoA will supplant and replace the office bearers and assume their powers and functions".

Quoting the BCCI CEO's letter to the ICC on July 30, 2017 in verbatim, Choudhary told CoA that they showed complete disregard to the Jan 30, 2017 order of the SC within 24 hours of its pronouncement and in complete violation of it, communicated with the governing body.

The Board secretary reminded CoA that it had a very limited and a defined role -- in administration of the BCCI -- whereas BCCI, as an institution, had to continue to function through its office-bearers.

Soon after the BCCI acting secretary's email to the CoA, CEO Rahul Johri replied in detail to the letter saying "all procedures were duly followed" in accordance with what had been discussed in the several CoA meetings.

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