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Cricket news - Bhuvneshwar, and the rhythm hunt in a World Cup year

Bhuvneshwar Kumar finished 2018 with his worst figures ever in the 50-over format

Bhuvneshwar Kumar said on Monday he had been "100%" in none of the tests against Australia. This left a lot of speculation about why he did not seem to have been selected for one of the eleventh game tests, even on Perth's green field. The ambiguity that prevailed around the area of ​​the folds sewn and sewn in the last 10 months is over. Few people outside the Indian locker room understood what was happening with Bhuvaneshwar.

And it is too obvious that he is not the same. As in these cases, the numbers do not lie. It has of course started in 2018 with a lot of style. The first day of the series in Cape Town, he crossed the high-end South African and won the title of man of the match during the famous victory in Johannesburg. Then comes the injury at the bottom of his back, which excludes him from the first three tries against England, then the whole series. He returned to play some ODI in the Asian Cup and against the West Indies, but he looked well below average and was very well done.

Unsurprisingly, he ended the year with his worst numbers in the 50 format. His eleven victims in 14 games were not only expensive at 48. 81 pieces, he also went with a savings rate of 5. 31, well beyond his usual return. Bhuvneshwar's back problems had been diagnosed long before he returned from England. They had appeared before the IPL, which meant he had not played at all games or as regularly as for the Sunrisers.

His number was modest even there with 9 wickets at 39. 33 and an economy close to 8. Just compare it to his 2017, where he went through the pages and finished with 14 wickets at 14. 09 and a saving of 7. 05th This season, he has earned the reputation of being the second best bowler in the country after Jasprit Bumrah.

You wonder how much the back had to be painful at the IPL and if he should have played at all. He certainly did not help his team's cause and maybe not his. After the IPL, he missed the test in Afghanistan, then found himself on the bench of the first two ODI in England. Then comes his interesting selection for the third ODI at Headingley. A clearly rusty Bhuvneshwar had little influence on the competition during its not very visible 7 Overs period. His speeds were close to 120 and his bowling seemed to have taken important steps in terms of quality and dexterity.

In retrospect, playing ODI in Leeds may have been a blessing for the Indians. Imagine walking at these speeds in Edgbaston instead of a shami, an isma sharma or even a umesh yadav. Or worse, make a Zaheer Khan and limp on the first day of the first test.

The rise of Bumrah means that India has not missed Bhuvneshwar as much as they would have imagined, as they had thought in the middle of last year. But the rise of Bumrah also means that Bhuvneshwar and his achievements have been examined more closely. In Adelaide, he was very open about why he was not selected for testing.

"You see, I was in shape, but I could not say I was 100%. Because it's a five-day game in test matches, I really did not know I could get through. Well, we had bowlers who could play at that time and I had time to be in top form again. I was not really sure at the time, "he said.

You wonder how much Kohli & amp; Playing Umesh Yadav on Bhuvneshwar at the time seemed like a completely left-leaning gesture, but it was a sign of how management now sees it, or at least one that is not at its best. Did the focus group of the team expel him because he was not fit to board the plane or was he deported for reasons related to the flight? He did not look great in the T20Is and four years ago he still had the scepter of his trip to CGS.

"Bhuvi did not play a lot of four-day cricket recently, and Umesh won ten wickets in his last test and was well trained. That's why he chose Umesh for Bhuvi, "said Kohli when asked about Perth's defeat. And rhythm is an aspect of his bowling that Bhuvaneshwar forgot during testing and even two days ago in Sydney.

"The rhythm of the match is completely different when you play bowling. I tried everything to be in tune with the nets. However, this can not be 100% compared to a match. It was not great in the last game, but not bad either. It can improve, "he said.

While Bhuvneshwar demanded what he had done to get his rhythm back, he explained how he had worked on various activities, from running to bodybuilding to bodybuilding to bodybuilding. And Bhuvneshwar was the only bowler to be seen casting a spell almost every time India trains on tour. Although he saw this, while adding to the plot why he was not considered, he often seemed to be even on the nets among his best.

"In the networks, I had not planned or prepared to ride in ODI. I prepared myself as if I had to participate in one of the tests. There was nothing specific I could do. But it was just a normal bowling and the number of passes was increasing. If I made 4 Overs Bowling (first), continue with 6, then 8 and 10 The most important thing for me is that you are free from all movement and bowling.

Bhuvneshwar was in Sydney at every turn. He was between 130 and 120 years old, having done almost everything last year, with the exception of the beginning. But he does not look good himself. The start was great when he knocked Aaron Finch down and finished with 1/12 of 5. It was a classic spell of Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. At the time of the MS Dhoni, it would be a little more, if not all ten, leads. He saw at this rate. Maybe it would have been in his interest.

But Bhuvneshwar is now a round bowler and should come back in the back with the same pace Here, his redness has clearly shown. Suddenly, the pace was not as constant as in the past, and the performances of its variations, including the York, were not as impressive as they had been for almost two years. He missed the mark more times than he did and Marcus Stoinis was able to go, giving 54 points in his second batch of five defeats. He was seen Monday during some exercises to perfect his Yorker and even talked about it later. Some experts have linked his recurring problems to the recent contradictory execution of his Yorkers. Maybe then the SCG was just that he was feeling back.

The absence of Bumrah for this series is a sign of the appreciation of Indian cricket. It's also a sign that officials want to know for sure who will play their fast bowling arena at the World Cup. Hence the experience of giving a new attempt to Mohammed Shami to ODI, the long fight with the leftist Khaleel Ahmed and the inclusion of Mohammad Siraj.

You still expect Bhuvneshwar to reach England if he is stable and fit. But when he eliminated the uncertainty about his fitness, it's high time for Indian cricket to see him now with a bullet in his hand.

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