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Cricket news - Gibson reserves special praise for SA batsmen in bowler-dominated series

Faf du Plessis was one of the only two centurions in the three-Test series against Pakistan

Although South Africa's 3-0 win over Pakistan is largely behind a series of top quality bowling, coach Ottis Gibson paid special tribute to his drummer's bid.

In a series of low scores in which the 300-point mark broke only twice in 12 innings, only two centuries were broken - by Faf du Plessis and Quinton de Kock. The South African coach, however, believes in "difficult conditions".

As bad as people said the gates were, we have two quality dogs and lots of fifty, "Gibson said Monday (Jan. 14). "Temba Bavuma has been outstanding in this series. He never had a hundred, but the work he did. Hashim in both rounds of this match, and especially the third day, could easily have started, apart from the way Hashim played. And then Quinny also scored hundreds of brilliants.

"I keep telling the thugs," If the doors are like that, you do not need to score 500 " If we get 260 in the first heats, we get an excellent score with our four fast bowlers on a fast track. It was hard for the fighters.

"They could complain in front of the locker room, but in the locker room, none of the thugs complain about the sites. We are stuck and trying to get as many races as possible to give our bowlers the chance to run. "

Even though the older players took the challenge, the young hitters like Theunis de Bruyn and Zubayr Hamza did not impress as well. While De Bruyn hit a high of 49, Hamza scored 41 and 0 points in both runs. However, Dean Elgar, captain of the Faf du Plessis during the third test, is not too worried about bringing nothing, and thinks that it is part of the protection of the future rather than his dependence for the moment.

"The guys are pretty new," Elgar said. "Theunis was inexperienced at this level and Hamza got his start in testing and it will always be difficult. The pressure and intensity you will be experiencing at the test level will be higher than what you are used to at home.

"You must have some inexperienced people who have to advance the game in a few years. So it's important that we transport these guys. You have to play, this is the only way to gain experience. Unfortunately, you must face failures in your career, but you must know how you can recover "

Even though South African drummers have clearly eclipsed their Pakistani counterparts, even though they have not been very successful, the gap has widened. Duanne Olivier, the last pacemaker of the series. The most impressed, 25 wickets packed in the series.

"We did exactly what we wanted to do," said Gibson. "We wanted to play four fast bowlers, and while we were playing, the playgrounds could contain four fast bowlers. The four fast bowlers did a fantastic job. "

Elgar, however, praised the pacemakers for the best possible use of the conditions.

"There will definitely be a sensitivity," Elgar said. "I would not say that the days of the average of 45 years have passed. There is still room for this and your best fighters will achieve these goals. But it will always be a challenge and you will not run so freely on the doors we play on. Something more difficult cricket. Do it Free score, you set this aside until you enter. It will be hard work for the fighters. There will obviously be some difficult times, but you have to adapt.

"We do not have the choice. Our strength lies in our bowlers and we must use what we have. This is our arsenal. I'm sitting here as a dough and I have to fight to get it too. You will have a good ball with your name when you play on wickets like this one, which is difficult Many people might accept it because you want to do it. That's why we play this game. But chess will always happen in this game and with the wickets we play, it will always be difficult for us. "

The opener added that the goal, whatever the conditions, would be to reach more than hundreds of people in the next series. Gibson summed up the new phase better: "We will definitely continue playing this cricket brand because it is successful, and we want to do the same," said Gibson. "We want to succeed and if it works for us, we will continue this trend. "

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