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Cricket news - Without new blueprint, ECB would've been managing decline - Harrison

Tom Harrison admits mistakes have been made with regards to the flow of information but hopes discourse and progress in the future will have a lot more clarity

Tom Harrison warned that the English and Welsh cricket commissions "would fall" if they had not worked on implementing a new home game plan involving the launch of the new competition.

In front of Millbank Tower, where the ECB almost broke with its new "Inspiring Generations" strategy, applied from 2020 to 2024, Harrison was optimistic about his first record-breaking meeting since the announcement of The Hundred. Earlier Monday, a "full game" with 38 first-class and smaller circles in the morning was followed by a separate meeting with the professional game and leisure meeting, consisting of county councils and various foundations. The two groups - together, then separately - were completely guided by the plans. Plans that shaped it.

The ECB manifesto contained six priorities that needed to be implemented properly and all were inextricably linked to the new competition, which will be officially called The Hundred when counties sign the agreement next week. It has been controversial from the beginning and will continue to do so until it is implemented. However, the president of the ECB believes that without these measures and this fourth format, English cricket would turn to a darker future.

"What would it give if we did not do everything?" We could really manage the descent. "

"It's a strategy. The new competition is one of those priorities. The strategy defines a clear ambition for the game. That means we want cricket to grow and rely on our existing institutions and structures, our fortune in the game, our counties, our county councils and our partners. The new competition is just one of those tactical aspects. This also applies to digital investment, women and girls, and for a school strategy in which we can say that these are the areas in which we fundamentally believe that we can make a difference and grow. "

Although Harrison may have made mistakes in the flow of information about these strategies, he hopes that the discourse and future progress will become much clearer. For a start, the cost of the new competition will be 180 million pounds in five years. However, he said that "The Hundred, before the balloon is launched, is a profitable venture" because it occupies a place on open-access television - the BBC will broadcast 18 toys - and will put a premium The one billion deal was closed in July 2017.

The latest details on team names, branding and the assignment of national coaches still need to be compared. In Harrison's eyes, however, the impact of competition is widening to make the game more accessible and understandable to future fans, as it is now for the hard core.

"When I'm in my chair, I believe in this game. I fundamentally believe that we can mean more people. I fundamentally reject the privilege and elitism that persist in some areas. I just want to put him to bed. I fundamentally believe in the power of cricket to do wonderful things. When you give someone a racket and a ball, they learn what the game can represent for them. We are a very strong sport. It connects communities, inspires people and can change a life. "

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