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Cricket news - You can't do special things if you're too practical - Kohli

"A Pujara is as intense in the mind as me."

It was at the beginning of 2015, when Virat Kohli took over to Test the full time captain of the Indian cricket team MS Dhoni after the sudden departure of wicketkeeper-batsman of the five-day format. For those of you used to be Dhoni is quiet and safe, the leadership qualities, the expressiveness and the in-your-face attitude, which affected an emotional skipper Kohli, came to a completely different taste as far as the Indian cricket team.

But there is also a pragmatic side, the current captain, says he is shifting between the practical and emotional depending on the situation of the game. In an interview to after India's first Test series victory in Australia, Kohli said that the pride and the emotions of playing for the country, and tried to Express that on the field, has extra energy, which may or may not be the case, if it is "practically on the things of the time".

"I don't know how to say what I do, it's just my personality. I speak a lot for the team, because I personally feel that as soon as you your real emotions and passion out of the game, you can do certain things, you can't imagine otherwise. To think if they are virtually about things the whole time, I that special, incredible performance, if no one gives you a chance, is very hard to get. But I think, in times where she is on the top or the game in the balance, is the time you need in order to be practically and tactically spot on, I have learned a lot in this series.

"But in the crunch situations, I'm always ready to talk to the team in huddles team and the change-room, what had to be done, but my energy to 120 percent on the field. And I'm always ready and willing to throw me, and I say to the boy, 'okay, this is what is expected out of all of them, because I don't is what Team India needs". Even if I was not there and someone else was it, if this person is asked to throw ourselves for the team, we should be willing to do that. This is not only my vision, the Team of India vision and Indian cricket's vision.

"We want to fight and win on a global level, not only to win at home and not in the competition any where, because we certainly have the talent. Sometimes you need to bring, the emotions, the pride of playing for India and you see, the body begins to react in a different way. You will find that 10 percent of the energy comes in difficult situations, when the pride and the emotions of playing for your country," Kohli added.

If the subject Kohli leads the team, arguments were often that his energy and intensity can be adapted by others and expect that you had to do that a detrimental effect. But Kohli explained not to mention his definition of intensity, that the one hundred percent self - "within the limits of the" help the team is what he expects from his players.

Kohli feels that with the expression of the intensity is done differently by different players. Citing the example of Cheteshwar Pujara, Kohli said, in spite of him, not as expressive as the Indian captain, he offers the same intensity.

"the intensity has very different meanings for each. A Pujara is so intense in the spirit like me - he doesn't show it, that is a different thing and that is his personality - a Jinks [Ajinkya rahane proposed] show, because that's his personality, Shami can't show it, because only him Bumrah, you may see a little bit more or Ishant, you may see a little more. But everyone is intensely in their heads, because of the culture that has been created - no one remembers individual services, it is a team game, it's supposed to be played as a team and if you win as a team, you will be remembered as a team.

"Jadeja runs the fastest - I'm not saying you have to run as fast as Jadeja but why is he running so fast? Because he has the right attitude, he wants to save that one for the team. As long as the mindset is right, within the limits, I think everyone should be at their 100 percent-and this is something that the whole team has for beautiful. You have to understand that you will not be asked of someone, but you have to be the best of themselves on the field of play will be able to contribute to the team. I think everyone is in a comfortable and motivated the room now," Kohli said.

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