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Cricket news - I had not done anything wrong: N Srinivasan

"From what had been a strong administrative policy that the BCCI had put in place, it's all being destroyed slowly. My question is, how bad were the previous regimes?"

Nothing in the Indian cricket administration seems to be smoothly executed, in this moment. From disciplinary issues to technical dropouts struggle between the members of the Committee for administrators and more, the functioning of the BCCI is in pieces. Former BCCI chief N Srinivasan, as the driving force behind the battle of these members, the farmers have seen in the last couple of years, says in view of the Chaos, how bad the previous Regime? He spoke with TOI and put his thoughts in perspective.


India's cricket administration in total disarray...

Absolutely. Everything is in complete disarray. Since no one is meeting, the decisions, the rules are changed in the domestic cricket to your personal requirements, there are no committees (professional, technical, etc). What a strong administrative policy was that the BCCI had, it's all being destroyed slowly. My question is, how bad the previous Regime? Administrators have helped in the past, BCCI reach where she is and look at how cricket has become a source of income for hundreds of people in India.

There are different points of view. There are those who believe now, you were a good administrator, speaking of the controversy. Some believe that this mess is because of what happened five years ago...

I see it from a different perspective. While I was in the BCCI, I have only my job and if people appreciate it too now, I'm happy. I did the same when I went to ICC. For the first time, I India. because of its recognition in the Committee of Nations Unfortunately, things are frittered away by subsequent events, and people. were have But you can't. everything from India constantly take away, because you have to recognize that India is literally the preservation of the international cricket India bankrolling world cricket. So, I'm not worried about it, because, it may take some time, but eventually we will be coming to us.

they were made to look that the person responsible for all the bad things in the cricket administration of the country...

I don't want to comment on a judgment of the court. But, for my part, I would like to stress once again that I had done nothing wrong. If I do something wrong, I would have gone a long time ago. Also during this time (point attachment), I stepped to the side and asked to look for Mr Dalmiya for things. If you were to ask me " were you treated fairly?' I would maybe say, 'I don T think so'. But that's all in the past. I have not changed my support for this game.

to suffer CSK player had...

No player made a mistake. It was an attack on the superior performance of the team. Jealousy, maybe. The team didn't deserve the punishment they got. The smoldering anger that is treated, for the players, as this is what brought the victory (in the 2018 edition). They were determined to prove that 'we are the best'.

to fight back So that they do not intend to make your way?

Heading the BCCI is a public office, and he comes with his share of problems. But I've always been a fighter, and let me tell you, she took on the wrong man. You can defeat me and I'll accept it, but I don't want to lose you and away you go.

age is not on your side, if...

I don't consider myself old. I work through the day. I train in the gym and keep myself fit and strong. There is a lot to do. BCCI need to be back on top, as it was. The support, which gave people the game in India and the amount of money covered by the sponsorships and all of the deserves, that India catches again, it's earlier glory.

Shashank Manohar and you are on a war footing. They were good friends once.

I think that I understood clearly wrong, the man. He has hurt Indian cricket and he wants to destroy whatever heritage was there. This is sad.

Why do you think so?

Jealousy? It is not everyone who can accept someone else's success. Whatever made gains in India, all of them were given away. But what people do not know is that Indian cricket will never lose this fight - from a national and global perspective because of the intrinsic strength lies in the way the people love this sport in our country.

What's on your mind, going forward?

All that have to do with the BCCI, and once this (highlights continued) confusion, I'm sure that will happen. There are people in the BCCI, to destroy the tried tissue, by trying to be opportunists. You are the reason why things come down to the today. But this was in the history of the BCCI.

It's a battle of perceptions seems to be. There are all kinds of theories. Some believe that they contributed to cricket management better. Others believe otherwise...

Yes, Perceptions Matter. But the fact remains that this continuing confusion has to lift and BCCI has again the position, nationally and globally. One day that will happen. I'm an old-fashioned man. I don't think I had done a lot of wrong, so I worked hard. People who know me, know that I never do anything, what is the damage of the game, because I'm not capable of something like that. I was attacked so viciously, but I held my composure all.

your son-in-law ' s name appeared in the point-fixing controversy fueled this perception. No?

In a public position, when a stone is thrown at you, you can't say 'do this'. People try to hurt you in different ways and that is okay. You have to learn to deal with it. The only point I want to stress 'I have done nothing wrong and I have no grudge'. I'm not worried about what people say about me. I just do what I think is right. As long as the people I did agree with that, better things to Indian cricket, I am fine.

take on the current government?

We have worked hard to promote the game from all sides. We were never for self-advertising. I was barely on the public platforms, when I served the BCCI. Now, the difference is that there are individuals that are here to see what you can find. It is more about you and not the game. That's the difference and that is why there is this Chaos.

Only NS can bring things back to normal, what people think now..

What kind of work I shoot, I do it with sincere effort. We don't know what the future will bring. We will see.

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