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Cricket news - If someone provokes me, I'll give it back: Rishabh Pant

"It feels good when your hard work pays off. But everyone has struggled to get to where he has. Everyone has had his share of good and bad days."

It's barely a week since India is an example of a completed Test series victory in Australia, and the Cricket world is MS Dhoni relevance of debate in the team's limited-overs set-up. In the meantime, Rishabh pant is concerned with a new popularity, which suddenly propelled him as cricket's next great wicket-keeper after Dhoni and Adam Gilchrist.

In 2016, followed by the Under-19 World Cup, trousers, young wicket keepers of his generation would do, had immediately called Adam Gilchrist as his idol. Pop the same question to him today, and there is more thought in the answer. "I love Gilchrist and Mahi bhai (Dhoni)," said pant slowly, "But that doesn't mean that I want the same person. It's not about copying your idol. It's more about learning things from them.

"I want to be myself. I want pants Rishabh," he claimed. Trousers had, to the day of being Dhoni the potential successor, imposed on him since the U-19 world Cup in Bangladesh. 'Rishabh ' trousers', however, is different. As he drew attention to the fact, hard-hitting and scoring great was his boldness on the field of play is often mistaken for arrogance and ruthlessness.

"I had to change myself as a person, after my father died two years ago. To me, it is already clear, what is responsibility," he offers.

So it brings its run-downs, Nathan Lyon, once again, doubts about his maturity in front of that hundred in Sydney. "I could easily come back undefeated, but I played the situation and followed what the team had asked me," pant said.

Pants the life, the Cricket normal everyday lived-aspirant in a big city. Like life itself, a rented room away from his home in Roorkee, as a teenager, he had the good fortune feed on the unwavering conviction, his coach Tarak Sinha had in his abilities.

Nights in gurudwaras in the capital with his mother in front of Sinha arranged a accommodation can make or break every 15-year-old. It helped make trousers.

"It feels good when your hard work pays off. But each has struggled to get to where he is. Each had its share of good days and bad days," he says.

Now that the 'good days' seems to have arrived, the emphasis is on finding the balance between dazzling glory and remain rooted. And a lot of the pants owes current fame to its emergence from the stump microphones in Australia, his chatter and ', the' Baby-photo-with Australia a captain Tim Paine's wife and children. "That's how I am," he says, "If someone provokes me, I'll give it back. I had to do a duty for my team. But I know, the code of conduct. I remember my values. I have sledged, and people have really loved.

"My mother and my sister enjoyed, it makes me happy," he laughs.

"IPL has helped me get used to the fame and the money. Fame will come as you play more. But you have to know where you need to draw a line. Yes, I may not be much now, but you need to find a way the same," he adds.

For a modern-cricket player, constantly on the road, gadgets close friends. As with his master, Netflix and PlayStation, his usual stress-busters. "You know, I've started to play a lot of chess," he says.

With criticism, the other great challenge is to deal with it. Pants is on familiar territory, since early in the day to talk about his apparent chubbiness and fitness. To fight trousers had with vicious comments about his weight in his mid-teens. As he tried to make a mark in Delhi cricket as a 'stranger' from Roorkee, pants, weighed about 80 kg. "That was baby fat. To think people who don't want to, that I was only 16," he recalls with an embarrassed smile.

Virat Kohli is doing the demanding fitness routine to bring pressure? "Virat bhaiya has not prescribed anything. He says: "Follow my routine, just when it suits you.' It's about knowing yourself and achieving the level of fitness of the team."

Criticism is part of everyday life in cricket. Pants is in this stage where he invites it will be easier than others, especially on developing his wicket-keeping skills. "If someone really wants to help me, then he can always come to me. You can not only criticize from a distance and then don't help. I can't go up to big names like that," pant says that the preparation He came to his last interaction with Gilchrist, "to myself. We could not spend a lot of time but (now) I can go to him whenever I need help."

Then there is the family, and coach Tarak Sinha of Delhi cricket, the famous hard taskmaster and former Delhi wicketkeeper Devender Sharma. "There is only one Trainer for me. I listen to each and then speak with Tarak sir. Devender sir has always taken care of me - be it my site or help in the purchase of my first car," pants says.

Sinha has, in turn, spent much of his time to a batter, the whipped cream almost every ball on the on-side. , Trouser, mixed with just a bit of in a position where he can play all around the wicket, although they have always a full view of the bowler in his attitude, was drilled by Sinha ' s know-how.

The ageing of the coach has been waiting for two years, his Prodigy, you make a mark on the top level of yourself.

The pants has taken flight and fans compose songs in his praise. His home is "wherever he gets time to be with his people'. "I can't be happy just with the adulation I allow on social media just as I can, to get bogged down to me, by the criticism," he says.

Now that he has fulfilled his personal obligations, he moved to his commercial duties, before joining the National Cricket Academy in two days' time.

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