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Cricket news - Wicketkeeping standard hasn't improved in 20 years: Brearley

Much of the all-round improvement can be attributed to the amazing fitness levels, and Brearley welcomed the obsession with fitness of modern-day cricketers.

Mike Brearley, one of captains of England's biggest Test, is impressed with the way that cricket has developed in this Millennium. This is an area he feels not-quite-step is kept keeping wicket.

"The individual skills have to attack in many ways - fielding, defensive bowling, hitting, catching, athletics. One thing that has not improved necessarily, wicket keeping as a skill and technique," Brearley said at Aliah University in Kolkata on Wednesday.

"The other area that I thought something retarded in the last 20 years of slow-bowling. But to Warn my surprise, Spinner, such as (Shane), (Anil) Kumble, (Muttiah) Muralitharan and Ashwin have done their thing very well," Brearley quipped after delivering the keynote during the International conference on Management and business practices.

A lot of the all-round improvement can be attributed to the amazing Level of fitness, and Brearley welcomed the obsession with the fitness of today's cricket players. "If you asked for four-five hours in the heat and still run hard, short singles, converting them to couple in Threesome, bowl 25 rounds in a day instead of 15, then it is a good thing, to strive to fully and physically fit."

An admirer of Kohli's passionate and aggressive brands of cricket, Brearley agreed that the Indian captain goes over the top at times. "But, by and large, it is a good thing. You can see, he loves cricket, he loves to lead the team. It is important to combine passion and conviction."

Brearley has leading no problem with Kohli India in all three formats. "When you have different captains, you can get fresh inputs. But the disadvantage is that it could be divided loyalties. So the Test captain can not think, it is his team. Kohli is the best batsman in the country and in the world cricket in all formats. He comes across as a genius, and is assured of playing all of the time. So, unless he is to dominate, for which it should be, checks and balances, it's good to have him as the leader over formats."

As someone who led England in 31 test matches and won 17 of those, Brearley is a man in demand when it comes to picking up tips on the guide.

The two most important attributes necessary to be a good captain, after the 76-year-old Englishman, humility, and fairness. "There is no secret recipe, a good captain. It is important to recognize that you can't possibly know everything, you must be ready to learn. To develop to follow the process, and to Mature as you go along.

"Also, it is very important to let others Express themselves... you have to listen to everyone's point of view. I want 11 people in a team, think as captains."

As an example, Brearley recalled how a 17-year-old Mike Gatting, is playing only his second or third match for Middlesex, was taken aback when the captain was looking for to use with his opinion on the melon, in a given situation. "He replied to me that day, but I made it clear that he better have an opinion next time."

A brilliant captain, in spite of a mediocre batsman, as he did, handle a team full of very talented players such as Geoff Boycott, David Gower, Ian Botham, Gatting, Chris Old and Bob Willis?

"The first thing was to realize that you enjoy so very happy about all of these players in your team and the chance to influence them, so easy and don't be jealous. Secondly, even the most talented have their fears and uncertainty. And sometimes there is a need to rein in the exuberance, with the help of someone like Botham... tell him that six runs is enough, we don't need 10."

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