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Cricket news - Sydney Thunder lodge official complaint with CA for Gabba fiasco

Thunder's GM reckoned it is the "responsibility" of the host franchise to provide adequate playing conditions and the back-up for the same.

Lee Germon, the Sydney Thunder general manager has Cricket Australia (CA) has written about the Gabba floodlight debacle and his team would be awarded the two points will be awarded for a win. The match was cancelled after three overs in the second innings, if one of the light towers blacked out. The former new Zealand captain is expected, it is the responsibility of the host franchise to a reasonable playing conditions, and the back-up for the same.

"We believe that the place has the responsibility for the flood lighting system for the game, including the provision of a back-up power source. We have asked ourselves, therefore, to award Cricket Australia-Sydney Thunder, the two points for a win," Germon wrote in his statement on Friday (18. January).

Shane Watson scored his first Big Bash League (BBL) hundred, and the target of 187 for the Brisbane Heat. The home side had lost two wickets in three overs and that is when all started the drama. The players were off the field by the referee of the view that conditions were not safe enough to continue.

"It's a back-up system should carry on with the game. In my view, this is similar to a situation where the games were not cancelled due to the pitch to play a kind of referee think it should be played, and in these earlier situations, points were given to the away team," Germon told the Sydney Morning Herald.

During the reverse device of the same Band, Sydney Thunder were made, bat three overs, when it was pouring, so that it would be a result. Brisbane Heat went on to win that encounter by Duckworth-Lewis method and Germon ensure it was noted, in particular, according to the CA stated that the fans come first.

"The thing is, for me, that is a fight that we had 26,000 people in the stadium," he said. "The Big Bash goes to great extremes, always provide entertainment, and we saw that when we played three overs from the pouring rain in the Spotless Stadium a few weeks ago against the same opponent.

"It was deemed safe then, so I can't understand why it would not be safe here, if the lights were on in part. It is unacceptable what happened."

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