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Cricket news - Tanvir and Choudhary - A fast bowling duet

"We have such a bond that we don't even need to talk much about plans. I can just look at him and he'll know he needs to come from the other end and we can pick wickets" - Aniket Choudhary

The last time Rajasthan General Trophy Knock-out game played was in 2011/12 - the season they went the way of all, in order to clinching the title. Aakash Chopra, Hrishikesh Kanitkar and Pankaj Singh were still part of the page. On Friday (18. January), your dream, come to go all the way to an anti-climax as they crashed out of the quarter-finals with a six-wicket loss to Karnataka. Only Robin Are, Deepak Chahar and Aniket had to wait survived Choudhary seven years.

Rajasthan had won seven of nine contests and finished at the top of the group C table - come in the knockout phase without a single loss. The resurgence, however, not from the hitter putting up big runs and allow the bowlers to dominate. It came from two bowlers - Choudhary and Tanvir ul-Haq - had 100 wickets between them, when their campaign ended. None of their batsman had a breakthrough season. The highest run-getter from the setup - You - had 741 runs from 10 games, but he was placed on the 15 place in the run-getters list. At the point at which this work is written, Tanvir third in the highest wicket taker in the list, while Choudhary was the sixth.

A lot of stars had to suit before the season, for the combination of Choudhary-Tanvir-click for Rajasthan. Khaleel Ahmed, a constant availability due to India duty, Nathu Singh 's not-so-successful return from injury and Pankaj's departure meant to Puducherry, the burden fell on these two to carry the team forward. And you certainly have a good job - so much so that Mahipal Lomror, the captain, called the USP of the page soon after you crashed. You talk to the pacers and the first thing that strikes you is the ridicule. "Aree Anie (Aniket) toh kuch bhi bolta rehta hai (Aniket frivolous things) always says," quips Tanvir as the pacers have to sit for a chat with Cricbuzz.

But dig deeper and the history of careful planning and a history of off-season battles, what comes out of it. "He is an out and out swing bowler. When we started, we thought, we have the team to the front. We can't produce a bank to the other performances. Nathu came back from injury. You're not gonna believe this, but he is very smart. He doesn't have an ego. He just wants to let's not get carried away and in the process give away runs. I have also dried the runs and it has just worked," says Aniket about his partner.

"We have such a bond, we don't even need to talk much about the plans. I can only look to him and he will know he needs to on the other end and we get the gates. I, of course, talk with him about the track, but not about how he needs to bowl. We have just the communication about how I feel I can give a batsman out, and all he has to do, is not to be running. He is always thinking about the game. He may have not played too many, but he is always watching."

Very early in the season, the pacers understood, their partnership was something that will be crucial for the team. With Deepak Chahar as the right-arm pacer, both of which did you know that you can add the much needed spunk with your left arm angle to the bowling line-up. "The thing with Anie (Aniket Choudhary) is he gets fixated on his swing at times. He can seam and cut it well. He doesn't swing it much, but he is a good watch. He is quick to point out that on the day when my or external works-opening, opening towards the inside. So he told to keep me, and keep the other delivery as a surprise," says Tanvir. "What we do is to try and keep it simple. We are not planning to do it all. We decided that, if I am, brings the ball in, then he would aim to take it. If we do that, then the batsman is forced to leave the game for the launcher. But in between all of this, the most important goal, not running. Say, we have struck the batsman on the first four balls, after we talk to each other, to keep things in check and not get carried away.

"It should not be, as we give away the bowl with the fifth ball on the pads, and then a border. We just need to give eye contact to all of these messages. If you see them outside, if one or two bowlers who always runs the show. You take the quarter-finals, I was looking at the captain and then to Vinay, Abhimanyu Kumar and Mithun. The observation of the opposition bowlers is the key in my preparation. I enjoy this watch and make plans. I am always thinking about the game. During the games, even after the day's play, even if I take a look at my phone, I'm trying to think of and plans."

While Tanvir a magnificent start of the season - 19 wickets in the first three games had, Choudhary was frustrated with a slow start, with only nine wickets in the first three fixtures. "In the first two matches I played really well, but it wasn't just that luck was with me. As a player, it is, of course, frustrated. The pressure was there, too, because I was the leading bowler. Before, we used to Pankaj Singh, now he is moved to Puducherry. If I don't help the team win, then to creeping doubt begins," says Choudhary.

"While the Ranchi game, suddenly got a call from my father and he asked me how my game was going. I told him we had a green track today, and still, I couldn't select gates. He was like 'so what?'. Tere frustrate hone se wickets mil jaenge kya? (Will you get frustrated, you get the doors?) I don't know what happened from there, but my mindset completely changed. I went in the hope that I ' ll enjoy my bowling and not think of doors. Everything changed after that call."

In the next game against Uttar Pradesh, Choudhary introduced his first five-wicket haul bags in the season. There is no stop for him was when he was six five-wicket hauls in the next seven innings. While Tanvir ended up with a slightly better average (18.52), it was his inability to lead you through the pages of the spree, balanced by Choudhary. The complete performance from the duo soon came to the game in Kanpur. While Choudhary is ten picked up in the game, Tanvir ended up wearing eight to the side a 35-run victory over Odisha in Bhubaneswar in a low-scoring contest.

"It has a lot to do with the experience, as well. I have cricket with some of the biggest names in the world. I went to the Indian team nets to bowl to the best batsman in the country. If you go from first class cricket on a round of bowling at the Indian batsmen, they are always curious about what you do, how you prepare for it, and that things like," Choudhary says about his turnaround. "The experience of bowling to the Indian batsman is completely different. I suggested the wickets of Kohli and rahane, in the networks, so that, when you go back to first-class cricket, to believe you will begin in yourself more."

It was a tale of two pitchers finally have their mojo has progressed as the season. Both the bowlers, during the chat, the stress-it's your off-season, the individual preparations have paid off finally. "Before the season I had realized that, what is not working in the lower levels working in first-class cricket. I understand that it is important for you patiently. If you can win the ability, then it will be much easier," says Tanvir. "The second bit is the area where we enter the bowl. In first-class cricket, you can't with the bad balls. You need to be consistent in the areas that it hits. This is an aspect that I was able to do well this season, and the results are there, too."

Choudhary, puts his debut in the year 2011, its newly-added gun - opening to the inside. "I didn't play any IPL matches last season. Then I had the off-season, and so I worked hard on my fitness. One of the things that I realized that it is the reading of the conditions. Not only can you come and bowl to your heart every single time. Wickets in India are very much different. Of course, the wickets we played on were helpful for the pacers so I realized that I need to select an area and hold it. Even if I'm still around 130-135 instead of 140, and I am bowling a good line and length, then I know it is tough for the batsman," he says.

"Before this season I was working really hard on my opening inward. I just wanted to play with the racket in the sense. I used to bowl 2-3 inswingers only, so that the batsman knows that I the ball as well. Now my stock ball is the one that goes away from the curve to the right. To expect the batsman that the ball will come back to, and this is where I had my advantage, because that's how they ended up playing the ones that go away as well. Earlier you used to hold straight and my balls. I saw a video of Wasim Akram, where he'll talk when the seam in the direction of fine leg, then there are more chances of the ball swinging into the right-hander. It's just clicked. A helpful track, I, me, beautiful Form began to change, and this is what I wanted."

With the season over Tanvir and Choudhary back to Rajasthan with two different objectives. While the latter hopes to be picked in the India A side, Tanvir starts his hunt for a job and start with the preparations for the domestic T20 competition. Both players were not picked up by the IPL franchises and complain about the fact that the chances of that, unfortunately, is not the way to a successful season. But there is hope to carry their partnership in Rajasthan to the front. "We are not magicians. We can not wickets all the time get. We are happy that our partnership worked, and I hope that we can keep contributing."