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Cricket news - Tanvir ul Haq - Charting his way to the top

The left-arm pacer has already bagged more than 50 wickets in the 2018-19 season. Photo Credit: Manish Goyal

Strike up a conversation with Tanvir ul Haq - Rajasthan, the highest wicket-taker in the ongoing General Trophy of the season - and the first thing that strikes you is his careful planning, everything. At first, you should consider him a cricket freak who always thinks of the game - even if he stared at his phone in a hotel lobby. Warmed it up, which is to survive in a conversation and it all becomes clear - it is only the cricket, planning a way to. For someone who had to plan the cost for each meal, which he had in his youth, Tanvir has come a long way, but old habits kept him on the track.

On Friday (18. January), Rajasthan crashed out of the tournament after the quarter-final loss to Karnataka. It was the first knockout appearance since 2011-12, when they went all the way to clinch the title. Rajasthan's resurgence, but was on the back of a special season of Tanvir and his pace bowling partner Aniket Choudhary, where they are bagged 100 wickets between them. Tanvir ended up with 51 at an average of 18.52.

From the beginning, the circumstances, the decisions dictated made, Tanvir. If his cricket began as a 10-year-old he had to switch to the left arm pace bowling because of his Orthodox spin bowling, everything was too easy for the seniors in the Academy. Always a racket was not a choice - there was not enough money to buy a bat. Tanvir was first discovered by Somendra Tiwari, who is the coach of the dhaulpur district cricket side. As it supports up in the series, it Tiwari, was the left-arm Pacer. "At the Academy match days, I was told, bring out the white," Tanvir, she recalls.

To wear "In the morning, I came in my pajamas my father. Dushyant Tyagi bhaiya (the former Rajasthan player), said Tiwari, sir, that I can not afford to buy white. That is when I received two pair of white and a pair of Reebok shoes. In our Academy, it is a small space was kept, where all of the devices. So if someone forgot, your shirt, or lower, would I have to wait two days, bring it home, wash it and use it in the matches."

To support its cricket, Tanvir worked in a garage, paid him 300 Rs per month, sold clothes in a car and almost took a job as a night watchman, before things turned to him. "I had a lot of jobs in the villages, but the income was not enough. So I came to connect to Jaipur, the task of the guardian. I was on the bike with my friend and had a bag with me. I don't know where they (the documents), and we were not able to find them. So, obviously, I didn't get the job," he recalls.

"My father used to leave the urge me to cricket. A lot of people have told me, I don't have from the own ranks, it was not worth it, give him a shot. There was a gap, even after the Under-17. My father used to think that the dream had slipped away. He never wanted to do with me, all these odd jobs."

While it seemed that his abbu's fear was almost true, it was Tiwari, came to the rescue once again for Tanvir. It was on his coach insistence that Tanvir travelled to Udaipur for a Sub-22-study. "One day, Tiwari sir called me and asked me to leave, for the study in Udaipur. He knows me inside and out. From my reply, he realized that there was a Problem. I had no money to travel. Before leaving, he gave me Rs 2000 for the study. I did well, but it was not to visit. I called sir and told him to get me, because I don't have enough money coming in from Udaipur. He asked me to come home, somehow," he says. "Things have changed, because Aniket was in this team. Now he was actually Trophy exit for General and then I was picked up in his place."

Tanvir made his first class debut in the year 2015 in Jaipur against Punjab. However, consistent the runs were still hard to come by. The presence of pace bowling troika of Pankaj Singh Choudhary and Deepak Chahar meant Tanvir soon found himself on the sidelines again. Several stars align for Tanvir had a consistent run - Khaleel Ahmed, the non-availability due to national duty, Nathu Singh injuries and Pankaj's departure to Puducherry meant Tanvir a number of games had finally. "In 2015, I recognized that, what does not work in the lower levels working in first-class cricket. I understand that it is important for you patiently. If you can win the ability, then it will be much easier. The second bit is the area where we enter the bowl. In first-class cricket, you can't with the bad balls. You need to be consistent in the areas that it hits. You have to bowl six good balls. This is an aspect that I was able to do well this season, and the results are here to see," he says of his successful run this season.

To try "everything I've done, and implement things I've learned since my first-class debut. I've seen so many bowlers and I have learned from you a lot. It's all about the execution. I can swing the ball in both directions, but you can't rely on the fact that in every game To make use of In times you have the movement off the track as well. This is what I see in Ranchi. There, in the morning, it was swinging for me. Everything I did, it was offside. I only stayed to it, and she ended up chasing the balls and gave me six wickets."

An attentive observer of the game, according to Choudhary, Tanvir is the most important weapon is his ability to swing the ball in both directions. You ask him how he developed it and he writes to James Anderson and Zaheer Khan. "When I started to play, I looked in the bowl just quickly. As I began to learn, I realized that I can get some good swing when I bowl like Anderson. To learn then, as I started to reverse swing, Zaheer Khan, the action appealed to me," he says. "So, if you see that I make changes to my action during the game. With the new ball, I try and bowl with an action that somewhat resembles Anderson and late in the day, when I'm on the search for reverse swing, then I turn to the action, which is a bit like Zaheer Khan."

After the six-wicket loss in the quarter-finals, Tanvir back to Rajasthan in the hope to find a job and prepare you for the domestic T20 tournament. Financial stability is something that still eludes him. He has not succeeded in trails for the IPL teams, however, the breakthrough. But there is hope - there is hope that a consistent performance is to move, the spotlight is on him. He is willing to wait and is not ready to give up just yet.

"How can I be satisfied?", he also asks about more than 50 wickets in the season. "I can't, I think there is more to come." Rajasthan is certainly hope.

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