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Cricket news - Infighting in HCA upset players' preparation: Raju

Hyderabad finished seventh in Group B with 17 points - seven including a bonus from the win against Himachal Pradesh at home.

While Kerala, Karnataka, Vidarbha and Saurashtra plot to go their March to the front, as the General Trophy meanders in the last eight stage, Hyderabad, will not be thinking about another season of what might have been, a season that was bad, but as the pastor was good only in parts. Two of the four teams in the semi-finals from the South should be gone food for thought, and the two, of Kerala, so far, for the first time.

The new format is a win for the flak, all the more so, after the four-team finals from the group A and Kerala qualified for the quarter-snuck into the B-group because of the more. The rule prescribes, the five top teams from groups A and B make it to the next level.

Hyderabad was seventh in group B with 17 points - seven, including a bonus from the victory against Himachal Pradesh at home - but the common refrain of the former players that it is rather a systemic failure as a sub-par show by the players.

To begin with, there was no clarity whether the team would take part in a competition this season due to the confusion that prevailed in the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), courtesy of two groups, calling the shots. It was only after the intervention of the steering Committee of the Cricket players Association of Hyderabad (CPAH), that the HCA the warring parties to put their differences aside in September 2018, or at least to the extent that the players knew they could play.

Precious time was lost for the players as the other teams were already in tournament mode. SL Venkatapathi Raju has played enough cricket for India and Hyderabad, his finger on the pulse of the time. "I would be entirely the fault of the administration, or the lack of it, for this situation. This year, they only played Buchi Babu tournament, before the season started. KSCA refused to accept, two teams sent by various groups, so we were completely on the back foot immediately," he began.

"The Moin-ud-Dowlah Gold Cup selection tournament for the Indian team once was. It used to be the pit young people against the big guns. Where is it now?

BCCI our administrators as Ghulam Ahmed sir and Mansingh for ideas for the implementation of trips. The rest of the country learned to become us better, we have to go from bad to worse. In this case, the fault lies entirely with the administration. If you would like to lead the players, you should see the facilities. Here, caught between the two groups, even if the Academy was closed. So, if the players don't train, how will you perform?"

There was a time when the system had cricket players seasoned by the rough and tumble of the age group cricket - U-13-19 - in various Inter-school and college tournaments, such as the Mono-Trophy or Abbasi trophy. All that is missing now, makes league cricket sub-standard and, by extension, reducing the pool of quality cricket players are ready to move on to the next rung. Short, the HCA league cricket on a par with first-class level. Not more.

Hyderabad senior selection Committee with Noel David as Chairman is not good to chop and change. "It's a good team, a young team is fairly constant, but clearly their lack of preparation showed. We need to make the game more competitive, or, as in Australia, there is a lack of quality players will soon. And the responsibility, it is competitive with the administrators."

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