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Cricket news - The Fire Burns Blue: A peek into the past, a mirror for the future

It is not just a must-read book for the lovers of the game, but also for a board that is struggling for a blueprint for the future of women's cricket. Photo Credit: Westland Publications

Suresh Menon, the cricket veteran-writer, took the leap from naming schema ", The fire Burns blue - A history of women's Cricket in India' as "the most beautiful book about the history of the cricket posted in India, either men or women" on the day of its introduction. Term call it subjective, and I can not agree with it, but it is certainly no exaggeration. The book is in a room where it can be competitive among the best.

Two of the most well-covered journalists on the women-cricket - Karunya Keshav, and Sidhanta Patnaik - it is, as the title says, a narrative of the history of women's cricket. The book, the not a single peak, and has several height points, in what could be, to each his own. The stories also open up a lot of questions, and it is through the curiosity for the replies, that makes it a page-turner. If you are from one perspective, the book is a long answer, such as women-cricket - sport drew the crowds in almost a lakh on the premises and had plenty of coverage in the media a couple of years after starting in the 1970s - still difficult for the viewers, reporting, and sponsors?

It investigates how the stories of mismanagement, misunderstandings, the victim and the 'karna hai' spirit, the game dragged on until 2017 finally to the Lord, and opened hopes for a promising future - something that shouldn't have happened in several phases in the past.

Although the history of women's cricket is less than five decades old, the lack of literature and some of the lack of records, meant that the writer had to dig deep for your research, rely on oral history and to dig deeper to confirm. Their basis is clearly the most outstanding aspect of their work, so that's how you get banned at several points, especially through the first half of the book.

The intention, as Patnaik says, was designed to highlight the work of those who laid the Foundation stone. However, while the roles of the pillars of women's cricket in the detail-examines the preferences of Diana Edulji, Shanta lived in Asia, Neetu David, Shubhangi Kulkarni, etc - it is in the stories of the men and women behind the scenes that has the real 'wow' factor: the Aloo Bamjees, the Mahendra Sharmas, the Mandira Bedis, Infosys etc.

In doing so, you also have to ensure that all of the information you are bringing out, they hide the negativity surrounding the women's cricket players. It is irrelevant to mention the dissatisfaction or disturbed personal equations, and as a result, the context to certain actions. It might seem to be done goody-goody in parts but that was intentional, largely in an attempt to ensure that the attention does not pivot away from all the good that has taken place.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of researches, which is far more than what you can imagine, there was to the game of the tours and games, the organisational risks arising from the complexity or girls and women pursuing sports such as women's cricket struggled flight to take, in different stages, the role of the selfless champions that the PR-savvy Ministers.

The meticulous research, the stories gave more depth and additional layers. And their research had, because as a writer, seemed to have kept them, even at a distance. For a book that relies largely on information with low flair, it can be a little difficult in parts. But it is also the merit of the authors that you have not tried to impose, the driving of the story and allows the characters and their stories. The fact that it's a bit sad in parts, is perhaps the only drawback of the book.

While as a book, it is thought to be about everything to talk about what happened, the stories and the authors also open space for questions about everything that still needs to be made, and must, be done. Give a look to the past, it also holds a mirror for the future. In terms of where the book ranks as one of the most beautiful in the Indian cricket can be up for dispute, what cannot be the fact that it is a treasure. More chapters will be added, by the same writer or someone else in the future, but this work was much needed and very appreciated, the value should be used as a point of reference for posterity.

It is not only a must-read book for the lovers of the game or interested in women's cricket, but also for a board, the cricket fight for a blueprint for the future of women. In a setup, where the high master, in the belief that the Board has done everything it could for the women-cricket, the book proves to be a splash of cold water.

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