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Cricket news - Virat Kohli and Indian cricket's need for greed

Kohli recently become the first Indian captain to win a bilateral ODI series Down Under.

"Laalach bura hota hai (greed is a bad thing)" literally Virat Kohli ' s last words on tour, before he disappeared in the vastness of the plenty of massive MCG U-Bahn. It's a quip was aimed at a senior Indian journalist who had asked the Indian captain for a selfie, and who passed Kohli had done so, more than a few times in Australia. Only a few minutes earlier, he was the first Indian captain to win bilateral ODI series " Down Under would-however, there were only two, so far, he would not so long, the first Indian captain to win a Test hard series here.

Kohli have finally treat yourself to the reporter. But at this point, you could go every bowler around the world, "Yeah Virat, you should be the one to talk to." For, how else do you explain that the 30-year-old his appetite for runs in the last couple of years, without, it is down to greed? I'm sorry, he can't get away with just refers to it as a hunger for more. This Phase was a long time ago

In the last 18 months, Kohli has been in the all formats 4663 scored runs at 70.65 with 20 centuries. In 30 ODI innings in that time he scored 2128 runs at 92.52 with 11 centuries. He gets basically a three digit score in 50-over cricket literally every other time he goes out to bat. This is not hunger. This is almost gluttony. But this is not about Kohli's batting. This is about his greed.

In the last couple of years, we have seen him wear this insatiability, his captain's armband. On the Australia tour, he spoke about how he wanted to, would his team have to win a obsession overseas, and how she had caught. As with greed, obsession often gets a bad reputation for being sinful in the rawest form. But questions of his players obsessive Kohli was perhaps the way to ask you to take the leap from just being hungry for success, eager for success. Not just content to win with an odd win here or an odd. He wanted you to want more, to win more.

There is never a need, how much Kohli loves to win. His reactions leave little to the imagination.

It is this need for greed, at the base of the it is the the difference made for India, in Australia at this time. It was this desire to want more, that you helped to stage comebacks in all three formats and all three series are in the last two months. They came back from behind in the T20Is, and if not for the rain in Melbourne, looked set to win their second consecutive series here in the shortest format. She came back from a crippling defeat in Perth by a big margin of points, an overwhelming victory at the MCG, and more or less the door on the home team. And you did the same in the ODIs, winning in Adelaide and in Melbourne, after it began, with a loss in Sydney. It was perhaps in these last two 50-over contests that the lack of satisfaction that the breeds within this team and lets them flourish, and more came through the most. Not many would have kept a ODI series against the loss, even if it is at the beginning of a world Cup year and in front of a jaded Australian team. She had after all come here, and you achieved your goal of winning a maiden Test rubber. But, as with their captain, they all wanted to. It was a kind of desire in its most positive form.

Speaking of craving, because there were a lot of pictures from people within the Teams about the time of the team in Australia, who stressed that the aspect of Indian cricket in the present day. You may not be too far away from Cheteshwar Pujara, when you speak, greedy in the middle. Way to try to get the bat from him. The Australian tried in vain, and she tried it on, all summer, without success. Pujara had an end put to its hard reputation of fighting away from the subcontinent after his fine match-turning century at the Adelaide Oval. But he wasn't done just yet. He got one in Melbourne and almost a double room in Sydney. It was a kind of depletion for is rarely seen in this part of the world. No wonder that Pujara left Australia a cult-hero.

Then there was Jasprit Bumrah, seemingly never satisfied with what he had done in his previous spell from a full-paced intention, even though it had devastated the Aussie middle order yet again. And his greed came in the form of wanting to improve every time he hunted in the direction of the bowling-crease, whether it is while dishing out a slow one on the last ball before lunch to Shaun Marsh at the MCG, or it ran at full tilt and bowling-149 km / h on the Aussie's tail in the morning of the fourth Sydney Test with the series already under the blanket, with his reputation already increased beyond all expectations, including his before boarding the flight to Australia.

It was his regular ODI new-ball partner, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, took his coat, in his absence, and although he spent most of 2018 under an injury cloud, which showed that he could still hold up his end, got to it. And to describe how else the views of Yuzvendra Chahal, the eyes, if he has a ball in his hand, and he is energetic in his delivery stride length rather than a kind of mischievous desire for wickets. There is also the likes of Kedar Jadhav and Dinesh Karthik, who showed what they were not were still not finished with re-invent themselves for the sake of the team, and the middle-order in particular.

And then MS Dhoni was not pleased with what he the course of a career, the already and the desire for a last hurrah. has achieved in his Schiller Another world Cup, a moment of glory, maybe. Some will fail, maybe the fault for him, especially after his 51 has a lot of influence on India to win at the SCG. But at the end of the day, he's a man-of-the-series trophy in three consecutive half centuries for you.

India have no time to be satisfied with the riches they have taken from Australia. You literally have no time. You are already in new Zealand for a series against the Kiwis starting on Wednesday ahead of the Australian in your neighborhood for a return battle. Before you know it, you will be in England for the world Cup. So you can expect to find, based on their captain's wishes and their want for more, their greed for glory.

So Virat, greed is not always a bad thing. You know it best.

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