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Cricket news - Spending valuable time with family meant a lot to me - Warner

"For me, the most important thing is that I spent a lot of time with my family which meant a lot to me. They play a significant role in what I do" - Warner. Photo courtesy: Sylhet Sixers team

David Warner, the swashbuckling Australian batsman, has paddled through a difficult phase in recent times. The experienced opener 12 months by Cricket Australia for his role in the ball-tampering saga in the Test match against South Africa in Cape town, was suspended last year.

Since the suspension, Warner was his trade for a franchise twisting-based leagues across the Cricket landscape. The veteran cricketer, spoke about a number of topics, including the difficult period he has had to endure since his suspension, and the recently completed Test series between India and Australia.

The interview was conducted on the outskirts of the BPL at Warner played for Sylhet Sixers.

What is your injury status?

It happened yesterday (elbow injury). It's something that flared up and I had fluid in my joint. For now I have to go home and evaluate and see how it goes. It was like a nag and all of a sudden liquid came straight into my joint. It is only a flicker of something unknown and so I have to go home and evaluate and see what I have to do, as a precautionary measure, because I have everything done here. I have iced it and anti-inflammatory (injections), and it just seems like the swelling to go down. So right now I want to go home and is likely to continue to be scanned to see what is happening. As soon as I've reviewed, I'm going to say to release a statement, whether I'm back or when I'm outside, for a little more time. I'm not sure.

After the one-year suspension was handed out to Wade how heavy it was, a difficult period?

It's not hard, when you play. But, for me, the reality is, there is much more to life than just cricket. We live in a bubble. For us, there is a lot of Material, as we are always on a routine. You go to training, then you play cricket, you can return and go to sleep again to get up in the morning, you pack your bag and fly to the next target and they will get back to you again. I'm doing this for the last six to seven years for all three formats. You have time to reflect and to refresh.

For me, the most important thing is that I spent a lot of time with my family, which means a lot to me. You will play a significant role in what I do. The sacrifices my wife and children for me, to allow me, the game of cricket, the game I love has helped me massively in the last 10 months. I'm back in the park franchise play cricket, and I'm getting good experience and exposure to different conditions around the world. It is great that you are a part of, and there are world-class players playing in this tournament.

How much do you miss your Australian team-mates?

I miss everyone. You always miss people. That is what is great about the franchise cricket. You to create different friendships and bring team harmony and environment.

do you believe that you and Smith could have changed the course of the recently concluded Test series against India?

I can't say what would have happened if I and Smith were not there, because we were there. I can only judge how India play, because they played very well. You played with us. Tim Paine said, it would have placed with the series. (I) could observe to get too much of it at home, because I was too busy. But what I saw India played. Of course, Australia is not BAT, as you would like. And with the bowling you don't wanted to went to take early wickets and India. The credit goes to the way Pujara struck, because he is pretty much the series for India. He was so good. He had the temper, bat the whole game. He hit with 300 to 400 balls every time he struck, and that his philosophy of the game. He was the difference, and the bowlers were fantastic.

do you expect a call ends immediately after the suspension, there is a coming series against Pakistan in April?

I have to wait and hear what Cricket Australia have for me at the moment. I take one step at a time and play the next two games, you can find here. Then you go home and you get a rating (like), what are the problems with the wear and tear, and play my cards like.

What is your biggest challenge in returning to the Australian setup?

I was just running a comeback, and score, because that's my job. If I'm selected, I'm going to try to lead the points and the game to the best of my ability and the things that I always do. My job is it leads to points, to lead to energetic, in the field, and this is what I've always done. I will continue to do so.

do you believe that the punishment handed out, in relation to the ball-tampering saga was too much?

The Executive Board presented to us the penalty for the reasons of what they thought was fair and we accepted.

Have you ever thought that her international career might be over?

My international career is over.... No.

would you like to play in the BPL again?

It depends on the schedule of international cricket, when I play international cricket. I would not be here in BPL play, if I'm interested in playing BPL.

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