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Cricket news - Challenges and opportunities galore for WV Raman

As much as there are challenges that Raman will need to find the best answers to, there is also a massive opportunity: a chance to give the national team a facelift.

In the last couple of decades, WV Raman has been everywhere. He has worked with various General Trophy teams, the Under-19 setup, the 'A' team and the National Cricket Academy. In this time he developed one of the most fertile CVs for coaching at the feeder level. And now to the highest level he has completed so far, with the women's national team, he is in a whole new set of challenges.

It is the same ball game, but also the requirements of the current women be setup quite differently. And so, in spite of all his experience, he will need to start on a clean slate. Is unlearn is just as important as the learning will be in the course of his term of office.

He had said before the team's departure to new Zealand: "In cricket, it is not about what we do today, but what we do tomorrow. No point in going back in time," but the drama of recent history is hard to miss.

It is the finest is, perhaps, not, if he changes the setup. After all, in the last two years, as many as four out of India's head coaches, their roles, or to give a more realistic sound, was released - at the behest of one or other of the older players require/desire. To serve that three of them happened in the women's national team, on the surface, is not the most pleasant message for Raman.

The trend of the past history makes one thing clear: he needs the confidence of the older player. For all his technical expertise, he has skills never known to be good for his man-management. But, the levels at which he operated has, so far, the egos of the players are not so strong as to be against him exercised, so as not to the test, the it to deep. But with the national team, the managing of egos, which is a critical aspect of its responsibility.

The team in the past, a tendency has been shown to gel well, if you win, and so do not break easily, if you are using it. Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur claim, set aside your personal differences, but unless it is maintained, and at all times, there is little to argue that it's not back up again.

But it's not just the ego. More importantly, it is the understanding of the requirements of the players, and that stronger communication. The reason for Tushar Arothe and Purnima Rau, leaving the system, was to collapse like the more experienced players, the public's dissatisfaction with the training methods, as it was with the BCCI, to find solutions, to improve communication between the parties, and the choice of a easy, by drastic steps.

But as much as it challenges, which he found to be the best reply to a, it is also a great opportunity: to give the chance to the national team a facelift.

In contrast to the men's team, the head coach of the women setup a COACH, not someone only needs to give a pep talk and fine tune. For all the experience Raman has been coaching in various structures, he has to work to be on a much more basic level with the women's national team. The majority of the players in the national team are under the age of 22. And with very limited games played at the grassroots and country level, your game time is limited. So, a lot of players who develop in the national team the kind of skills that most boys play missing cricket professionally with the age group. Case in point, India's prime spinner Poonam Yadav developed a googly after her debut in India.

The lack of game-time has also meant that, in the bottom match awareness. To be much more confidence, instinctively, is even lower. With a set plan in place, with Plan B and C, the younger players a greater sense of trust, to run game days.

In spite of all his lack of experience as a Trainer, both topics Ramesh were was understandable Powar, and with an appropriate response. He brought to the fore, to enable his experience as a player and know the player with more skills, plans and, above all, trust, be it in the reading of the batsman and match situations, or give confidence to Smriti to go Mandhana, after the bowlers or the strengthening of the Spinner with new tricks.

Even in a tenure that was short-lived, he proved to be a game-changer. For all its minor faults, which eventually led him to an extension, he has the bar and the blue pause of what the current national team needs. It is this possibility, the Raman-in Bar.

It is a young team, the trust of a lot of spoons requires you to feed it, to not be able to think only for themselves, but also to execute their skills. To win if he is able the confidence of the players in the national team, he is well placed to focus on the creation of a strong Bank, and the structuring of a strong Shuttle-tunnel - what is important for the health of the national team.

And this is where its greatest opportunity lies in the fact that it will do a lot of work, a lot of the leaks are fixed. The coat, and hope to help on him, Indian women's cricket-take your next big leap.

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