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Cricket news - Status without profile - a quiet start for new T20I countries

Nepal are unique amongst associates in needing little help to build a profile

Just over 9 months, it was announced, with some fanfare and General acclaim that T20 International status would be extended to all of the 104 (now 105) of the ICC members. For the women's game, the change was rolled out on 1. July last year, for the men, it is entered into force on 1. January. In Oman, the new Al-Amarat plant this week is the first games to be affected by the change in progress, such as Saudi Arabia, the Maldives, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain competition of the ACC Western Regional T20, granted with all the games T20I status. As the first women's matches of the last few years, they have attracted no fanfare and little attention, even from the ICC itself.

The ceiling extension, the status was located to the right, to the time, as far as it will go some way in the direction of normalization of the sports and legitimacy, low sides, especially in the view of national sports associations, and, hopefully, open the way to the securing of non-ICC funding for Partner sites. However, those who hope, it would be significantly the profile of the staff will increase within the game, will be disappointed, especially with the ICC media Department's own apparent indifference.

The Board of Directors media channels have long shown a regrettable tendency to be excited to promote a full member, bilateral and domestic T20 leagues around the world, while the numbers do not Assign to little attention, cricket, or even their own events - in 2018, a video retrospective, compiled by the ICC, significantly, not a single mention of the Associated team or tournaments - and the extension of the ceiling status to Assign T20s don't seem to have changed things. Women tournaments in Colombia and in Botswana last summer, flew under the radar, even as records fell.

Botswana is Botsogo Mpedi figures of 6-4 against Lesotho in August were the best of all time in women's T20s, until her record was broken five months later by Malaysia, Mas, Zulkifli 6-3 against China in Bangkok last week. The record for the largest margin of victory by runs four times, was broken since June, when India and then Pakistan took the record in the Asia Cup, a press release, it is justified, if it is passed later on, first of all, to Namibia and then to the United Arab Emirates, it went completely unnoticed, at least by the ICC.

The lack of profile gives the current tournament in Oman suggests that such failures not only of the women's game. As a veteran Associate journalist Andrew Nixon expressed via twitter that "after three days with the ACC in the Western Region men T20I tournament, the answer is that there is not women's cricket, it is associate cricket [ICC]." Although the ACC are the live scores of Muscat, the ICC Website for full scorecards, days missing, even after the games are completed. While there may have been concerns about time, about the impact that would have on the universal status on the integrity and credibility of the records in the T20 internationals, a better question have been, "when records fall, will anyone notice?"

As it happens, the ACC WRT20 has not produced the same kind of record-breaking performances and eyebrow-raising score lines that the women's game has seen in the last few months, with the Gulf coast countries are looking pretty evenly matched, although the Maldives was fighting something. The islanders are yet to register a victory in the tournament, although they are only two wickets were removed from a victory in their match against the table-toppers Bahrain. Second-placed Qatar trail, their neighbors, over the water, only on net run rate, which is also unbeaten after edging Kuwait in a Super Over after their opening tied the game. With four of the five sides still in with a shot Thursday to the final of the tournament is expected to see a tense resolution, but only a few will be there.

With the duty of boards to Link to build a profile, it is welcome news that the upcoming limited overs series between the United Arab Emirates and Nepal will be a live set by the Emirates Board, although probably only with a single camera-up. The series begins on Friday with the first of three ODIs at the ICC Academy ground in Dubai, followed by three T20Is in the same place, from the 31.

The series is sitting in the Emiratis' first under stand-in skipper Mohammad Naveed, as a regular captain Rohan Mustafa, together with Ahmed Raza and Rameez Shahzad. The three are currently on suspension for disciplinary reasons, after the public the facilities of the Club known criticises Southend floor in Karachi during the ACC Emerging Teams Cup, so that your frustrations on social media after rain and leaky covers put an end to their semi-final hopes.

The absence of the three older players inevitably weakens the UAE side, with Mustafa Shahzad, the Emirates has a " stand-out Performer of last year, but maybe not as much as it maybe a couple of years ago. The UAE-Bank-strength has significantly improved of late, supported in part by the relaxation of the ICC-the criteria for eligibility, but also because of a youth system, the first fruits. The experienced Tahir Mughal and CP Rizwan in the squad to come together with the under-19s skipper Fahad Nawaz.

There are some new faces in Nepal, touring party, four other young people called to be in a squad, in which the places of the old guard increasingly uncertain. Eyelash perspectives Sundeep Jora and Bhim Sharki, the right arm seamer Avinash Bohora and all-rounder Pawan Sarraf are the latest youth graduates is pushing for a place in the senior side.

With legions of fans at home and a habit of providing exciting games on the field, Nepal is unique among the employees in need of a little help, to create a profile. It can safely be assumed that millions will be glued to the mono-camera Feeds streamed from Dubai next week, but if the last and the rightly-praised reforms, which mean the competition structures that make it more Associate cricket on offer than ever before this year, the ICC seem even more unfortunately, reluctant to draw attention to yourself.

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