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Cricket news - Premature to say any threat to 2023 World Cup - Dave Richardson

Richardson, ICC's CEO, is set to leave the role after the 2019 World Cup.

Dave Richardson, ICC's CEO, feels it is 'premature' to believe there are any threats to the upcoming world cricket tournaments in India. The international cricket body had earlier asked the BCCI to pay USD 23 million by the end of the year as compensation for tax deductions incurred in hosting the 2016 T20 WC.

"For the ICC, the tax exemptions are essential. The money saved by this is pumped into the sport by helping different cricket boards like the Cricket West Indies, who don't generate as much revenue as the BCCI," Richardson said on Thursday (January 31) at a promotional event. "However, it is premature to say that there is any threat over the 2021 and 2023 events. I am sure the matter will be handled soon."

Richardson is set to leave the role following the 50-over World Cup later this year and will be succeeded by Manu Sawhney. Looking back at his tenure, the South African said that getting India to agree on the Decision Review System was one of the high points of his tenure.

"It has been 17-year run for me with the ICC. It took a lot longer for us to convince the Indian cricket board about the DRS. I am glad that we managed to do that," he said. "It pleases me that ICC made progress in the technology aspect in the last few years. We were able to provide proper context and format in which all teams could perform."

He also defended the fixtures of the 2020 T20 WC, where India and Pakistan - with two of cricket's biggest fan bases - won't be facing off in the group stages. ""The group needed credibility and we used what we call the 'snake-method' where No. 1 went to Group A, No. 2 to Group B and 3 to Group A again and so forth. We wanted both groups to have equal quality," he said.

Even as regular allegations have come up against the game's governing body regarding anti-corruption activities, Richardson believes ICC has been quite pro-active in tackling the menace. "Earlier, the ICC only concentrated on educating the cricketers to inform us about illegal approaches by these nefarious elements. But we are starting to get more pro-active now. We are tracking these characters down and trying to disrupt their mode of operation."

"We are not only focusing on anti-corruption but for us keeping up the spirit of cricket is paramount. We have come down hard on cricketers bringing disrepute to the game," he further added referring to the suspension of Sarfraz Ahmed following his racial comments to Andile Phehlukwayo.

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