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Cricket news - Patience will be the key word for Bangladesh - Morrison

"I like what I have seen with the pacers from Bangladesh here in BPL 6" - Danny Morrison

Danny Morrison, the former New Zealand quick, feels pace bowling and the fitness of the quicks will be key during Bangladesh's upcoming Test series against New Zealand. In a chat with Cricbuzz, the 53-year-old stressed on the importance of patience with Bangladesh set to play a three-Test series for the first time against New Zealand. Excerpts...

How do you rate Bangladesh's pace bowling unit as far as the upcoming tour of New Zealand is concerned?

Very exciting, it's the first time Bangladesh is going to play a three-match Test series. And I think Bangladesh got the pace attack to certainly enjoy it there. I know Fizz (Mustafizur Rahman) intends to play only white-ball cricket. It was Rubel (Hossain), two years ago there was a question mark - when Bangladesh were there (in New Zealand) in 2017. But I think he is still good enough. Exciting pace bowlers you have got, Taskin Ahmed, Rubel. I see some outside chance. Well, Taskin is quick enough. Rubel is definitely quick enough. They have different heights. Couple of left-arm pacers. They are quite exciting. They got the ball to swing. There is some talent with Khaled Ahmed. Same thing, he is tall. He hits the pitch hard. I like what I have seen with the pacers from Bangladesh here in BPL 6.

Taskin is ruled out due to injury...

Who's ruled out, is it Taskin? It's hard when you try to develop young guys to come through. It's a shame about Taskin. He would have been a real go-to guy. I think there is Khaled Ahmed, I liked him as well. It's going to be tougher, they haven't won a Test match there. And Hamilton, could swing around a bit. It's going to be interesting to see what's the weather like. If it's hot warm and humid, Wellington could be quite flat. You guys got nearly 600 but still lost. Good pitch there. And then you got Christchurch, now that could be challenging if it's cold. But that's quite flat there as well. It will be an interesting dynamic who is fit enough for playing in the XI.

What would be the key?

Swing is king, you got to be able to swing the ball, and you know (Trent) Boult, (Tim) Southee. (Neil) Wagner does a different job. So different style of bowlers, the Bangladeshis. So certainly line and length, we talk about as a commentator, chapter one verse one, the key - line and length, consistency is got to be key and staying fit is going to be the big issue. Obviously you are saying Taskin Ahmed is not fit. So real shame because he was good to go as a strike weapon.

Do you feel patience will play a big part?

Patience is the key word for the bowlers and even the batsman. Particularly the bowlers. Lot to expect from the right-arm Rubel Hossain. He has been there in the past, so he knows what to expect. But patience is a good word. Look, New Zealand is very different conditions. Even good sides struggle there. But I think if you bowl a great length...the difficulties in the modern game is that the bowlers tend to get impatient, like batsman, because of the white-ball game.

In Test match cricket, it actually goes for five days. You don't have to finish it in three or four days. That's what happens, the game is fast now. More shots are played. So guys get out being frustrated after they got a good start. I just think for Bangladesh or any Asian side, patience will be important. And that's where New Zealand are good. They are patient. They pick guys like (Colin) de Grandhomme, you got Southee, and you got Boult, Wagner, all different styles. Wagner bounces people out, that's his strength. They have got a lot of base covered.

Breeze played a big role during the last tour of New Zealand...

Again it comes back to the conditions. If it's particularly cold, that would be challenging for any side from the sub-continent. ODIs are in February, Test matches in March, and you don't know what you can get in March. It can be really lovely but as I said, New Zealand is very changeable climate as you know. So it will be tough with the breeze. Wellington is going to be very tough, because it's going to be howling down the pitch. Some one has got to bowl into the wind, tough job. Not easy.

Fitness will play a major role?

Very physical... who can stay fit? Because that's the another challenge that Bangladesh face. Three Test matches (and for the) first time ever. So try to stay fit and survive the series. Well that's why you take more pacers. You going to lean towards your quick bowlers.

Looking back at Bangladesh's 2017 tour of New Zealand...

They scored nearly 600 and still lost the game. Again that mentality of longer format of the game which goes for five days. That was frustrating. They have the batting, it's about their bowling and taking 20 wickets. Staying in the game. So that will be the challenge, no doubt about it. And also New Zealand is like England. Good late summer, what are the weather gods doing, are they batting with cloudy and dark (conditions around), Bangladesh will be happy if it's nice and flat. It makes a difference.

Spinners' role?

They could (have a role to play), yeah. Because it is late summer. Pitches get tired and all that. But let's see, depending on the weather again, leading into the Test match. They are playing in Dunedin; Christchurch is cold and a tough gig. It's like coming here in heat. They make the sub-continent sides fridge their bums off. So difficult. I have seen they (spinners) are good and accurate. I don't know how helpful the pitches will be for them. That's the key. Spinners obviously like to bowl last, but the pitches are very good.

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