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Cricket news - HawkEye suffers inaccuracy in Aaron Finch review

The use of HawkEye came under the scanner during the third ODI between India and Australia in Ranchi after a ball-tracking gaffe was made during the review of Aaron Finch's LBW dismissal against Kuldeep Yadav.

HawkEye suffered what they believe was a technical glitch, and upon reviewing have seen that Finch would've been out even if that wasn't the case. Cricbuzz understands that upon the completion of the game, they will explain the situation and show the glitch-free footage of the dismissal to the match officials to clear the matter.

Finch got hit on the front pad while trying to work a Kuldeep delivery on the leg side and the umpire raised his finger to India's appeal. Finch spoke to his batting partner Usman Khawaja and then opted to review it, which didn't come to his rescue as the original decision was upheld. However, what the commentators also seemed to have missed on a single viewing was the fact that the ball-tracking wasn't accurate.

The tossed up delivery was pitched on middle-stump and turned in towards the right hander but the ball tracking technology showed the ball as pitching on leg stump and going straight to crash onto the middle-stump.

The HawkEye technology plots the point where the ball pitches as well as the point of impact on the batsman's pads manually, after which the system generates the trajectory. In this case, because the first plot point was inaccurate, the trajectory that the system put out was in contrast with how the ball actually travelled. That also explains why the ball ended up hitting the middle stump, as opposed to perhaps clipping leg which is what the original delivery would've done.

It must be said that the decision would not have been different even if HawkEye would've been accurate - but a glitch of this kind is counterproductive to why technology is being used in the first place.

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