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Cricket news - Live Blog -- Day 2: Afghanistan vs Ireland, Only Test

Hashmatullah Shahidi holds the key along with Rahmat Shah for Afghanistan to put up a good total on the board

It's always the set up. Shahidi, perhaps for the first time in his innings seemed just a tad uncertain, looking to defend at a delivery that spun big and foxed him on the outside edge. The doubts had been planted - eventually resulting in a sweep a couple of balls after, playing all around a very full and straight delivery to get trapped plumb.

Block. Block. Push. And a fifty. Hashmatullah Shahidi joins the brigade. Also, Afghanistan > Ireland, go past that 172. Ireland look lost, like, really lost. Their bowlers just don't seem to have the penetration to trouble the batsmen, who are having their share of fun now. Meanwhile, the lead swells ..

And lunch - Here, factor the one-way traffic -- 67 runs | 20 overs | 0 wickets |1/2 appeal. The same is written out in words here.

That burst of aggression was only a 20-minute thing. We're back to the age-old defences-cum-singles. Meanwhile, Rahmat Shah has helped himself to his maiden Test fifty -- 121 balls -- hence becoming the first EVER player from his country to get to the milestone.

Someone's ticked on a switch somewhere. For all you attrition lovers, sorry, Afghanistan have ditched their strategy at drinks .. there's been a boundary in every over but one since, and there've been four boundaries. So how many overs? Elementary math, genius!

1 hour | 16 overs | 20 runs -- yes, sometimes the scoreboards do tell you a story.

Okay, spot the pattern - a short cover, a silly mid-off, a silly mid-on, nobody at slip, the keeper standing up to the stumps and lines nagging around for a poke. It's been a forced quiet start. Lots of defences, with both batsmen going at a strike-rate of under 30. Yeah, that's pretty much as challenging as things get for the big-shot-not-far-away Aghans.

Anyway, Ireland are sticking to the textbook basics - good lengths, just around of-stump to dry out the runs. It clearly isn't a bad ploy given how little the Afghans would have played with a temperament of patience -- four maidens in the first six overs.

Here's what Ed Rainsford reckons in his pitch report (and you can trust him with it, given that he's almost a converted sub-continental citizen these days) that this surface 'still has a lot of runs'. Still?! He perhaps means it will have a lot of runs FROM NOW ON.

** Woot, woot ** It's one of those quiet mornings in Dehradun, you know the one's where it'll need the cricket to wake people out of their slumber. Now irrespective of how you look at how yesterday went, there's no denying that Afghanistan have their noses (probably even heads and shoulders) ahead at the moment. But given the inexperience both these sides come in with, a surprise is never ever far away. Hang on, let's indulge .. Here - catch up with what's live, and here - revise into what yesterday was all about.

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