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Ashwin and Buttler argue after the latter was out mankaded by the bowler

It's in the rules, so all fair

Where's the spirit of the game?

Jos Buttler was involved in his career's second mankading dismissal on Monday in Jaipur. Chasing a total of 185 against Punjab, Rajasthan were in the driver's seat until Ashwin mankaded Buttler out. The Rajasthan batsman was outside his crease when Ashwin was in his delivery stride as the bowler took the bails off before the batsman could drag his bat in. According to the laws, what Ashwin did was well within his right, hence the third umpire flashed 'OUT' on the big screen.

This is not for the first time, a batsman has been dismissed in such a manner. Keemo Paul had done the same against Zimbabwe during the Under 19 World Cup a few years back but the fans and supporters of game were against such kind of a dismissal. It's against the spirit of the game is what many followers of the sport believe. England captain Eoin Morgan's tweet read, "terrible example to set for young kids coming through. In time I think Ashwin will regret that."

Every coin has two sides. So what's your take on the same?

Send in your thoughts and opinions to [email protected], and the best will feature in this section.

Soorya Sesha: We live in a world where opinions are often subjective where in fact, they need to be objective. According to the laws of the game, Mankading is absolutely fine, but it also says that a warning may be given to the batsman on the first occurrence of such an incident which is where Ashwin is perceived to be at fault. Moreover, replays showed that Buttler was still within his crease by the time Ashwin stopped in his run-up and so, he wasn't backing up too far to be given out Mankaded. Going by this, Buttler and the Royals were very unfortunate as the end result would also suggest but the other question is shouldn't the third umpire have a say in this and take a close look as to whether the batsman was out of his crease by the time the bowler stopped to dislodge the bails? It is difficult to draw a conclusion as to whether Mankading is right or not as any conclusion is, more often than not, a subjective one.

Sabbir Hasan: It's not good for cricket. It is absolutely against the spirit of sport. ICC should change the rule. ICC can make a rule that if a batsman is in that kind of situation and a bowler complains more than once to the umpire about it, the batsman can get a demerit point. No more punishment then that.

Jagat Kafle: Okay, rules are at one level. They are set to bind the players at some discipline. But besides the rules, there's a word which applies in every sports: 'Sportsmanship'. Yeah, what Ashwin did was in accordance with the laws of cricket. But, what about the spirit of the game? What example is this going to set among junior players? What if the youths learn only to win that way rather than preserve the value and spirit of cricket? No, it is not fair in winning games that way. Maybe it's in the ethics of cricket, but not in the ethics of 'sportsmanship'. The way Butler was batting, it was beautiful. Ashwin's act seemed like they had no other option to get Butler out. And, it's really a shame for such a great player to do so without even giving a warning to the batsman. Okay, my opinion. This rule obviously needs to be changed, for cricket fraternity's goodness.

Siddharth Saravanan: We dont allow bowlers to step beyond the popping crease when they bowl because it gives an unfair advantage to fast bowlers. When they do, we don't give them warnings; we penalise them.

Why should batsmen be given an advantage by backing up too much, essentially converting a 22 yard pitch to a 20 yard one? And why should they be given a warning in a professional sport at this level of the game?

Isn't this a clear example of the game favouring the batsman?

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