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Cricket news - World Cup 2019: That Happened

2011, 2015 ... Will 2019 see another team lift the World Cup on home soil?

The World Cup kits

And now that we've talked about players posing for portraits, it's time to discuss the colours they are wearing. We have compiled all the World Cup kits here. India have gone with the tried-and-tested blue and orange - who remembers #BleedBlue? - so have New Zealand, West Indies and Bangladesh. What stuns are the kits of England and Australia. So retro and so bold. One out of Sri Lanka and Pakistan has experimented subtly, and the other not so much. Afghanistan stick to their bright blue that's lighter but livelier than India's, whereas South Africa have unveiled their two kits already! Which one's your favourite?

Which one's your favourite player portrait?

Let's dive into weather forecasts

We all remember 2017 Champions Trophy, right. It's England hosting a global tournament again, so let's hope Jofra Archer's suspicions below are misplaced. The forecasts though, as erratic as they can be, are for "heatwaves" and "June swelters" - all relative of course. Try suggesting to a Kolkatan the intolerability of an English heatwave. That's his pleasant evening breeze at the peak of summer, perhaps.


It's World Cup time, fellas. Four years of bilateral ODIs, repeatedly lambasted for lack of context, to this moment of truth... when nothing else makes sense. Time to put your life on the back burner and pick yourself a Sheldon Cooper corner on the couch. Ensure you've the best view, excellent air ventilation and some great company to keep you going through the next few weeks of obsessive cricket nerdism. And then there's this blog to update you with all that's buzzing. You can't keep a track of everything and World Cup are more than just about cricket, you know.

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