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Are you over that Steven Smith's innings yet?

Hello and welcome to our live blog for the 1st Ashes Test... send in your opinions to @prat1204 on Twitter. You can follow the scores here...

Blame the bails

So heavy and stubborn have they been that umpire Joel Wilson would be happy. At least the bails have taken the attention off another bad decision he's made. Ninth wrong decision of the match. Pattinson gets the ball to move away, Root can't meet off backfoot but there's a noise, and Wilson thinks it's bat on ball. Gives it out. Guess what, the bat's clear, the pad's clear and the noise is from the ball thudding into the off-stump, which visibly moves but not the bails. Haven't we seen enough of this already?

Root, Burns keep Australia at bay

Lyon bowled three good overs before he was replaced by Pattinson. Australia look a little desperate here. Rory Burns has been solid while Root has come and held one end alright. And the pitch has done nothing like yesterday. Looks like a good day to bat and so far, it's been good for England. They have 50 up on the board too and just need an approach like this for another session before they can let free and score quickly. What do Australia have here?

Okay, time for spin

And look at that spin....... First ball from Lyon to Root, who leaves it and has his heart in his mouth as that ball rips back in. Safe. Thank god Root's safe. He's only settling in at No 3, come on. But definite spin right through the over there.

Lyon's replaced Pat Cummins here, who bowled 5 overs for 9 runs this morning. Threatened less than he should have but he'll come back again very soon. Pattinson, on the other hand, bowled only four overs but looked the better out of the two. He even picked Roy's wicket and had figures of 4-2-7-1 this morning. 28/1 for England in the first hour on Day 2

Rob Johnston pings this from Edgbaston: There's a plane circling the ground with a sign that says: Arise Sir Ben Stokes

... and Roy's gone

"Told ya," Pattinson is (not) heard telling Roy. The right-hander kept going at it with right hand and had gotten away twice already. This time gets a ball that bounces more, takes the splice and carries low to Smith at second slip. And an amazing catch. Can he do anything wrong at the moment? No. England 22/1

And guess who comes out to bat at No 3. Yeah yeah it's Root. We all know. Good time to read this from Rob Johnston

Pattinson vs Roy

Hard hands. Roy's gotten away twice through the slip cordon already, both off James Pattinson who's gotten some movement outside off-stump. But no fourth slip let him off the first time whereas the ball dropped short of Smith at 2nd slip the second time. Rory Burns at the other end has hit a square drive already, which was more a thickish edge, but he's leaving deliveries beautifully. For how long is what Cummins is trying to ask of him. 12 runs from 5 overs this morning... but that doesn't matter in Test cricket, thankfully. No wickets!

Deepu's corner: Pat Cummins (Test Cap #423) & James Pattinson (Test Cap #424) made their debuts in successive Tests in 2011. This is the first instance of both playing together in a Test in eight years.

What's the latest on James Anderson?

He walked off yesterday with a tightness in his calf but we are yet to be told how bad the damage is. If it's really a tear, then we might not see Anderson for most part of this series but he was seen jogging around this morning, so let's hope for the best. He was distraught yesterday for "letting his team down" and apologized to his teammates, Broad revealed in the presser.

While we wait for cricket

Don't worry, there's plenty to read! Good thing to first refresh what really happened, and for that we have our very wittily-headlined match report. Bharat Sundaresan highlights about the importance of this comeback hundred and what really went behind at the practice nets in the lad up to it. "Smith was the best Test batsman in the world when Cape Town happened and he was banned. And here he was, 15 or so months later, telling the world that he was still the best Test batsman in the world," Sundaresan writes.

And then there's Vithushan with the England angle. "This wasn't a haul brought about through his weight of personality, those pumping legs or #CELEBRAPPEALS that underpin those machine gun spells. This was the culmination of much graft in the last 12 month," Vithushan writes about Broad, who made it to 100 Ashes wickets yesterday.

A warm welcome...

Yes yes, we are all Steven Smith fanboys. The twitches and the fidgets, the way he leaves deliveries like he's wiping a windshield, and how he'd so open-stanced at times that the bowler cannot tell apart the front leg from the back -- we love them all. And we are loveably intrigued by how he doesn't want to see shoelaces when he looks down, how he tapes them to the socks, and how he churns out these great hundreds. Anybody watching him score yesterday couldn't tell that he hadn't (wasn't allowed to) play Test cricket for one year. The runs we have missed.. Welcome to Day 2 of the first Ashes Test. Let's see how the Australian bowlers roll on this surface. And imagine what a day this will be if Jason Roy comes off *wipes away the drool*

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