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Rohit walks off after a fine 176

WICKET: Muthusamy bags Kohli

A very soft dismissal. Kohli tries to work one away from outside off to the legside but the ball comes on slowly and keeps a little low too. It takes the bottom of the bat and lobs back to the bowler. India 377/3 now.

150 for Mayank

He's not getting the boundaries as frequently now, but Mayank is putting his head down and seeing through this phase. His maiden Test ton is also worth 150 now.

WICKET: Pujara falls to Philander

A peach of a delivery immediately after the break gets Pujara. It seamed away just enough to beat the defence and hit the top of off stump. That'll boost South Africa. The second new ball is still a threat.

LUNCH: India 324/1

What a frenetic run-scoring session that was. India added 122 in it, seemingly making up for time lost on the first day. They're well on course for a big first innings total, and perhaps even a declaration later in the day. South Africa have started with the second new ball but haven't come close to a wicket with it. Can they do better in the next session?

WICKET: Finally!

Rohit Sharma falls for 176, stumped against Maharaj after overbalancing. That ends a 317-run opening stand and wicket finally for South Africa after 82 overs. He walks off with the opposition leading the congratulatory messages.

P.S Still no new ball from South Africa


South Africa's negative lines are being countered by reverse-sweeps and even lofts. Rohit gets to yet another landmark and South Africa appear clueless and are conceding records galore. The partnership, worth 286 now, is the highest for any wicket in India-SA Tests. This is also the highest opening partnership against South Africa since readmission.

The wait for the ball...

South Africa are now trying to rush through the overs with their spinners in a bid to get quickly to that 80-over mark. This ball is not doing much for them. India are scoring at over 4 an over in this session. The spinners bowl to defensive fields as the wait continues for the breakthrough.


There were a couple of nervy attempts at quick runs on 99 but he goes past that with a dab on the offside to bring up a well-deserved ton.

And now a run out chance...

Mayank pushes for a second run off a misfield. Rohit was slow to take off and is forced to put in a dive. The throw from Philander was not great and Maharaj doesn't help by failing to gather cleanly.

DROPPED: de Kock puts down Rohit

The Rohit v Philander battle continues. The batsman lofts him through midwicket for a boundary and off the very next delivery Philander induces an outside edge. But de Kock, standing up, drops it.

Is the pitch doing its thing?

Vernon Philander is bowling a stump-to-stump line mostly now. He also has the 'keeper standing up. A couple of balls from him have kept low but countered by the batsmen. These are the early signs that will have a big impact on the mental make-up of batsmen playing on it. South Africa will wish dearly that one of them would yield a wicket. So far, both Rohit and Mayank have looked as comfortable as they were yesterday.

Hello there. We're on to the second day of the Vizag Test. India start at 202/0. The final session yesterday was washed out but the weather seems to be better today morning. Still cloudy, but not raining. "Bright and sunny here in Vizag. Scattered showers are forecast for 3pm - around the same time it started yesterday," is the update from Kaushik Rangarajan who is at the ground.

Fingers crossed that it gets better for there's more Indian batting to look forward to. Mayank Agarwal is 16 short of his maiden Test ton.

How much more can Rohit Sharma make? As we wait, you can read up on that Rohit ton - what are the records he broke and what it could mean for India.

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