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Cricket news - Gauteng Cricket Board demands CSA overhaul

Eight of the 14 members of the council have demanded the resignation of entire CSA board, including Moroe's.

Eight of the 14 members of the council have demanded the resignation of entire CSA board, including Moroe's.

Turkeys don't vote for Christmas, but the turkeys who run South African cricket are a special breed. If that sounds familiar, it's because it was part of Cricbuzz's reporting on Thursday on the unfolding crisis in the game in that country. Lo and behold, some of the turkeys did vote for Christmas in the hours that followed.

At a special meeting of the Gauteng Cricket Board (GCB) on Thursday (December 5) evening, it was resolved to demand that Cricket South Africa's (CSA) entire board and the organisation's chief executive, Thabang Moroe, resign immediately. And that an interim board and management team be established, and a forensic audit conducted.

Those decisions were quickly supported by Eastern Province, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, South Western Districts and Western Province. That's already eight of the 14 votes on the members council - CSA's highest authority, which has the authority to remove the board - which is scheduled to meet on Friday. A CSA board meeting has been slated for Saturday, by which time the shape of the power structure could be radically different.

"If someone had to be fired or dismissed, in all honesty, the entire board should be fired or dissolved for rubbishing CSA's brand," GCB president Jack Madiseng wrote in his November 29 letter in defence of Moroe to CSA president Chris Nenzani and vice-president Beresford Williams.

It seems Madiseng - who also sits on CSA's board - wrote with integrity, given Thursday's developments. But there is nothing to stop Madiseng and the rest of the suits who could soon be out of a job currently worth up to USD 27300 annually from engineering themselves onto the interim body. Indeed, Madiseng has designs on succeeding Nenzani as president.

Two CSA board members resigned earlier in the week, and it's now up to the rest of them to show why they should be allowed to reinvent themselves and be part of the game going forward. So expect politicking about who is more sinned against than sinning in a saga that still has a way to run before anything like normal service resumes. Not that normal service is particularly normal in South African cricket.

For instance, while all that was happening on Thursday, CSA saw fit to suspend three more staff members. One is acting chief financial officer Ziyanda Nkutu, who has resigned and is serving her notice period. The other two are smaller cogs in the machine than the three heavyweights who suffered the same fate in November, but one of them is the personal assistant to Naasei Appiah, the chief operating officer who was himself suspended last month. Yes, all turkeys look the same, but, please, do try to keep up.

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