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Overnight rain delays the start to Day 3

Overnight rain delays the start to Day 3

Is there any point trying

25 minutes, barely. That's what we got before bad light took the players off again. It's all very frustrating in Rawalpindi.

There's cricket happening

Well, what do you know? Play has indeed begun on Day 3 immediately after the lunch break. Still gloomy, threat of rain still there, but we'll take what we get.

An hour's lunch break

Lunch will be taken from 12.10 to 1.10 local, but there might be some brighter prospects to follow with the groundstaff starting to take the covers off. Rain has stayed away so far today, so if that doesn't change, we might actually get some cricket in. In fact, play is scheduled to start immediately after the break. There you have it.

So where do you stand.. on potatoes?

Bazid Khan @bazidkhan81 Addition of potatoes in today‚Äôs breakfast #PAKvsSL 04:09 AM • Dec 12, 2019

We've given up, have we?

"It looks gloomy and bleak. Rain may come again and the groundsmen are not bothered with the mopping up effort," says Ramiz Raja on air.

Here's what's going on

"There's so much water, the ground staff are here and they are doing their work. There are certain protocols, the umpires have to get to the ground to come and see what's going on. There are two super-soppers, you'd love to have four on some of these international grounds. You can't see play starting in 90 minutes. The forecast isn't great either." - Danny Morrison says on the live broadcast.

Be good, Day 3

Welcome everyone, are you ready to be hurt again? It's Day 3 of this historic Test match in Rawalpindi and all eyes are on the weather. Rain and bad light had their fun yesterday, leaving us with a pittance of 18.2 overs. And while there's no rain right now, there was a fair bit overnight which is why the groundstaff are hard at work with a delayed start on the cards. Live pictures coming in show gloomy skies overhead with the covers firmly in place. Not going to lie, this isn't looking very good.

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