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No respite from the weather in Rawalpindi

No respite from the weather in Rawalpindi

Day 4 called off at lunch time

Apparently, hope is in short supply at Rawalpindi today, and as such, the umpires have called off play on day four around lunch time itself. as the first Test makes significant headway towards its inevitable doom.

There was some rain overnight, and a bit more in the morning to keep the groundstaff busy as they tried to clear the water off the covers. But the umpires, in their intermittent inspections, saw enough reason to give up on the conditions which showed little signs of improving. It was gloomy, chilly, and while it hadn't rained since an early morning drizzle, the light wasn't great and the outfield just refused to dry.

The outcome of this Test was a given even as early as yesterday. But this washout has just spelled it out for you. That's all from us for now. See you tomorrow!

Azhar Ali hitting the right.. well he's hitting some notes

Pakistan Cricket @TheRealPCB Captain @AzharAli_ singing as Pakistan team waits to leave for the ground. ???????????????? #PAKvSL 06:15 AM • Dec 12, 2019

No rain right now

Fine, fine, I'll try to be positive. Cricket fans, I tell you. Okay, the rain's stopped from the looks of it but there's a lot to be done in terms of drying all the water. Don't expect a start anytime soon. Here's an update from the live broadcast:

"Lot of work needs to be done. Looking at the sky, a few blue patches, but I also see the grey clouds, that doesn't look good. And with the water on the covers, entire ground hasn't been covered, so we got to be very careful to take this water off. I'm hoping that we might have some play. It's a technique (in Sri Lanka), they cover the entire ground. They cover it in a way that they just keep transferring the water, it comes to the edge of the boundary and they get rid of the water. And then the super-soppers come into play. Then you can get rid of all these areas and then the outfield is generally dry. That, we don't see here. I don't have to talk about the Sri Lankan groundsmen, they are the best in the world." -- Roshan Abeysinghe.

Make other plans

Welcome to Day 4. Okay, nice seeing you.

An update, I hear? There's nothing to see here. Only gloomy Rawalpindi skies with the drizzle coming down. The covers are on and the groundstaff seem to have embraced the fact that they're powerless against the weather. So if you had kept things on hold to tune into the cricket, what are you even doing?

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