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Cricket news - Roston Chase brings balance to ODI team - Pollard

"Chase can bowl as well it gives an opportunity to play an extra bowler or an extra allrounder or an extra batsman."

"Chase can bowl as well it gives an opportunity to play an extra bowler or an extra allrounder or an extra batsman."

Roston Chase's presence in the ODI team gives West Indies more balance, according to skipper Kieron Pollard. Chase, who is a key member in the Test team, has been recently integrated into the ODI XI as well post the World Cup. In the recently concluded series against Afghanistan, Chase made a telling contribution with both bat and ball in all three games and was even named the player of the series.

Considering Chase's prowess with the bat, West Indies can now afford to play an extra batsman if needed, stressed Pollard ahead of the first ODI against India in Chennai. "I think he brings balance to the whole team," Pollard said. "He's, first of all, a Test batsman - he has Test hundreds - and that in itself is a great asset for us. Having a guy who bats in the middle order in Test cricket coming in and in one-day cricket can do any role. Given that, he can bowl as well it gives an opportunity to play an extra bowler or an extra allrounder or an extra batsman. So, he has been very valuable for us.

"We saw his talents and we're trying to exploit what we can give for himself as he can be up there in terms of being the No.1 allrounder in the world. He has come in [as] a left-field selection, but that's something that has worked for us."

Pleased with the 3-0 win over Afghanistan, Pollard wants his side to continue the good work and keep improving while admitting that the fortunes of West Indies cricket will not see a U-turn overnight. "What is important is that we come with a clear mission and plan on how to approach 50-over cricket," he said. "We need to be clear on how to play the game and we need to get guys who are responsible and accountable for those things. It's a process that we are going through. The results might not show straightaway. Yes, we won 3-0 against Afghanistan. We are coming up against better opponents. There are things we are working on internally and hopefully, the results will take effect in time to come. It's not going to happen overnight obviously, but we are willing to work."

Backing the West Indies' assistant coach's words on the young batsmen having to take inspiration from Indian skipper Virat Kohli in order to reach the next level, Pollard has challenged the batting group to do the hard yards to see results. "It's about you being able to realise your potential and you're watching other guys who've done it or who're consistently doing it," he observed. "The way they go about doing their stuff and the way they train - physically and mentally - and the amount of time they invest in their cricket careers is going to make the difference. These guys who're successful... we as cricketers who want to be destined to be great need to try to emulate. For the younger games in our team, it's a matter of changing training habits and being more focused in what you want to do and what you want to achieve. And put in more into your game.

"I'm not saying the guys haven't done it - they've done it. We, as individuals, see how guys work hard and the results doesn't reflect. Sometimes we need to do the extra, and that's something we've spoken about with this bunch of guys we have. But these guys are really, really putting in hard work behind the scenes at the end of the day. Wait and see and the results will show. But have patience and they're doing what you need to succeed at the international level."

The 32-year-old was also delighted with Dwayne Bravo's decision to come out of retirement to play T20Is for West Indies again but emphasised the need to stay in the present and focus on 50-over cricket. "As players, happy to have Bravo coming back into the fold and he has categorically stated that it's for T20 cricket," Pollard noted. "Tomorrow we have an important game and ODI series coming up, which is more important right now than T20 WC. The India T20 series is over. I''m happy as captain that a guy of that calibre is available for selection. Players in the dressing room are happy as well. But as we speak right now, we are more focused on the job at hand which is that 50-over game tomorrow."

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