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Cricket news - 'I have never seen this in cricket,' fumes Kohli over Jadeja run-out controversy

Jadeja is run out by Roston Chase

Jadeja is run out by Roston Chase

Virat Kohli voiced his displeasure at the sequence of events that led to Ravindra Jadeja being adjudged run-out in the first ODI versus West Indies in Chennai. The Indian captain categorically stated that outside intervention led to on-field umpire Shaun George consulting the third umpire to take up the decision, eventually leading to Jadeja's decision.

The incident in question in the 48th over of India's innings when Roston Chase hit the stumps with a throw from short mid-off with Jadeja attempting to complete a single. Chase led a muted appeal, one that umpire George didn't consider worthy of a third umpire referral. Moments later, the television broadcast beamed a frame of Jadeja's bat not having made the crease at the time the LED lights on the stumps lit up.

West Indies' players led by captain Kieron Pollard, who had seemingly been relayed this bit of information, went up in another round of appeal forcing the umpire into consulting the television umpire. Unimpressed by the belated decision, Kohli even confronted the fourth umpire for an explanation by when Jadeja was declared run-out for a run-a-ball 21.

"The thought is simple, the fielder asked 'how is that' and the umpire said 'not out'. The dismissal ends there," Kohli said at the presentation ceremony after India's defeat. "The people sitting on the TV outside cannot tell the fielders to then tell the umpire to review it again. I've never seen that happen in cricket.

"I don't know where the rules are, where the line is drawn. I think the referee and the umpires have to take that up, see that incident again. And figure out what needs to be done in cricket. People sitting outside can't dictate what happens on the field. I think that's exactly what happened there.

"We would have got 15-20 runs more had something not happened out there," he added.

Pollard, on his part said that the correct decision was made without delving into the manner it was achieved by. "For me at the end of the day, the right decision was made, which is important. We appealed and the umpire didn't take it at that time, but eventually the right decision was made," he said.

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