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Ravi Bishnoi triggered a middle-order wobble after a quickfire opening start

Ravi Bishnoi triggered a middle-order wobble after a quickfire opening start

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Yashasvi Jaiswal | Player of the tournament: I really enjoyed the tournament. I had a good experience here on how to play in these wickets. I knew I had to play smartly. I am thinking about what I am playing next and it's about the process. I want to stick with that.

Akbar Ali | Bangladesh captain: It's like a dream coming true. It's all about the hard work that we put in the last 2 years. I can't thank the coaching staff enough. It's purely hard work.

Cricket World Cup @cricketworldcup Bangladesh's road to their historic #U19CWC title ???? ???? Beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets ???? Beat Scotland by 7 wickets ???? No result v Pakistan ???? Beat South Africa by 104 runs (QF) ???? Beat NZ by 6 wickets (SF) ???? Beat India by 3 wickets on DLS (FINAL) #INDvBAN | #FutureStars 05:00 PM • Feb 02, 2020

Cricket World Cup @cricketworldcup Bangladesh's road to their historic #U19CWC title ???? ???? Beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets ???? Beat Scotland by 7 wickets ???? No result v Pakistan ???? Beat South Africa by 104 runs (QF) ???? Beat NZ by 6 wickets (SF) ???? Beat India by 3 wickets on DLS (FINAL) #INDvBAN | #FutureStars 05:00 PM • Feb 02, 2020

Priyam Garg | Indian captain: It wasn't our day. The boys put up a great show but the results didn't go our way. Very happy with the way we fought, they (bowlers) gave their best.

The Bangladesh players are on a dance of their own. Their coach is pumped up big time. And the crowd is singing. Savour this. Savour this. The players from either side have gotten into a scuffle. Kids these days ..

Most Extras conceded in a U19 WC final :33 by ENG v NZ, Johannesburg 199833 by IND v BAN, Potchefstroom 2020*31 by PAK v WI, Dhaka 2004

IND vs BAN in U19WC :2000 - IND Won2002 - BAN Won2004 - IND Won2018 - IND Won2020 - BAN Won (Finals)

Officially Champions. BANGLADESH, 2020. Wild scenes, just what you expect to see with Bangladesh and their supports. Ah, that's the joy and the colour they bring to a tournament like this.

Ummm, it's stopped raining all of a sudden. Somebody, anybody, give this scriptwriter an Oscar. The new equation: 6 runs | 5 overs | 3 wickets. It's all Bangladesh ..

It's raining. And it's stopped play. Here's the equation: Bangladesh need 15 runs in 54 balls. But if play isn't to resume, they are 16 runs ahead on DLS.

Okay, seal the cup. 2020: Bangladesh.It's started to drizzle, and Bangladesh are 18 runs ahead on the DLS par score if the umpires decide to stop play. They're so comfortable that even if a lose a wicket here, they'll be well ahead on the DLS par. All hail Akbar Ali.

Check 2. Bangladesh see of India's second biggest threat. Kartik Tyagi: 10-2-33-0.

Aakash Chopra @cricketaakash 19 wides. 2 no-balls. 4 byes. That’s while defending 177. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt ???????? in the end. #IndvBan #U19CWC 03:27 PM • Feb 02, 2020

Elma Smit @Elmakapelma Weather moving in here on the @ICC #U19CWC @cricketworldcup Final! DLS PAR is 140. BAN on 143/7 - Need 35 more runs off 107 balls. #INDvBAN 03:10 PM • Feb 02, 2020

Ravi Bishnoi bowls out. Bangladesh have seen off their biggest threat. 10 overs | 3 maidens | 30 runs | 4 wickets. Bangladesh back to being favourites!

THE GAMBLE PAYS OFF. Yashasvi 'Golden Arm' Jaiswal. Emon can't see Bangladesh through, slicing, mis-slicing rather to point. But with the rain closing in and it getting very darkout here in the middle, the DLS target could well come into question. And Bangladesh are just ahead at the moment.

Anyway, Bishnoi has 12 balls left. That will determine it all.

It twists. It twists again. This 26-run (and counting) stand has brought Bangladesh back on track. Lesser than 50 runs needed now. Also, not just Bangladesh, the dark clouds are also encroaching. And what does Priyam Garg do? He turns to his part-timer, Jaiswal. Hmmmm .. massive gamble this.

Things only a World Cup final makes you do -- Emon, after walking out to an injury when his side were firmly in the driver's seat, is back out there, only now with his side struggling to stitch together one tiny partnership.

Sushant Mishra rubs it in. He's yet to find his rhythm - clearly - having sprayed the ball all around. But Bangladesh will still find a way to throw it away, giving him a couple of charity wickets.

17 (and counting) wickets in the tournament -- He's already India's highest wicket-taker in the history of under-19s, EVER.

Jason Gillespie ???? @dizzy259 Watching the U/19 World Cup final. The commentators repeatedly talk about pressure. “Pressure” is imagined imo. It’s only there is you actually believe it is there. Stay in the moment- you cannot score runs or take wickets in the past or the future.... 01:39 PM • Feb 02, 2020

Okay, 40% coach-emulation done. Shahdat Hossain st Jurel b Ravi Bishnoi. Now, now, now. It's a collapse just as stunning as India's.

It's turning. Literally.Ravi Bishnoi has already done one-third of what his IPL coach did at the Kotla many many mornings ago.

One brings two, much, much like the first innings -- 12 runs | 2 wickets. And it's that guy again, you know, the one with a 2 cr INR IPL contract with KXIP. Also, importantly for Bangladesh's cause, Emon has walked off the field retired hurt.

It's getting rather rowdy out there in the middle, with the crowd getting into the act. Ah, the tempers of young blood. It's just upped a few decibels with Ravi Bishnoi drawing blood with Tanzid Hasan's wicket and asking some questions just generally otherwise ..

Mahmudul Joy's out there batting, and here is the Joy of Mahmudul.

Aakash Chopra @cricketaakash Very impressive performance by Bangladesh thus far. Disciplined bowling...impressive fielding. And now, good approach to chase down a smallish total. #U19CWC 12:53 PM • Feb 02, 2020

Find something to do with your evening. Of course, it makes better sense to be a Bangladeshi fan now, you'll at least be doing your funky celebrations with a toy tiger. This is getting over really quickly.

Bangladesh aren't doing an India. They aren't hanging around wasting time. It's resulted in a flurry of boundaries, with Sushant Mishra bowling a couple of beamers to get himself a warning as well. And just like that, JUST LIKE THAT, the already nothing target is further simplified.

Post interval session. Where's your popcorn? Also, while you add your butter, consolidate ..


It's not 183. It's 177. Can that be the new magic number in Indian cricket? Or does the momentum allow Bangladesh their moment under the sun, finally. They really couldn't have deserved it any more. We'll be back. 40 mins ..

Gaurav Kalra @gauravkalra75 india need to get to 183 to give themselves a chance #U19CWCFinal 11:30 AM • Feb 02, 2020

Well, well, well. This is no ordinary Bangladesh. They'll teach their senior side or two about keeping their nerve. Bring them on as mental conditioning consulting mentors.

Fine, forget what Google says. This is how you practically demonstrate 'things going pear shaped'. The collapse - 16 runs | 6 wickets

So Yashasvi Jaiswal finally finds his match. Shoriful Islam produces the effort delivery that's short at first, then skids on and hurries Jaiswal on the pull. Nah, it's a miscue. IT'S A MISCUE. 88 and no more ..

Joy Bhattacharjya @joybhattacharj This India Bangladesh U9 World Cup is an extremely high quality match. The discipline and the temperament shown by the teenagers from both sides is outstanding. Tight incisive bowling from Bangladesh and some decent batting from India. And Jaiswal's got another 50! 10:07 AM • Feb 02, 2020

He's had a chance to bat only thrice in six games, but he ends up falling to a super tame dismissal having done nothing much, chipping so damn meekly to short cover. Oh and he's skipper Priyam Garg, but you figured that out, didn't you. All of a sudden, India lose two back to back.

Twist again.. Varma c Islam b Sakib 38(65): So Varma was in fact walking down the pitch after every delivery to calm Jaiswal down, who was getting into some chirpings with the bowlers and getting a little too flashy. And ironically, he ends up cutting a short ball uppishly, down a backtracking, reverse-cupping deep backward point.

FIFTY -- And just like that, Yashasvi Jaiswal gets to yet-another fifty. Who's even keeping count? 59, 29*, 57*, 62, 105* and now a 50*. Give him the MoS already!

You see the pattern? Yea, this is whatODI cricket in the '90s felt like .. It's taken India eight overs to get a boundary.

Meanwhile, Jaiswal - who's already batting at a level above that of the under-19s - has quietly slipped under the radar, upping his scoring rate without much fuss, to close in on his fifty.

Bharath Seervi @SeerviBharath India's last 11 #U19WC matches: Won by 100 runs Won by 10 wkts Won by 10 wkts Won by 131 runs Won by 203 runs Won by 8 wkts Won by 90 runs Won by 10 wkts Won by 44 runs Won by 74 runs Won by 10 wkts Average margin by runs - 107 Average margin by wkts - 9.6 02:36 PM • Feb 02, 2020

There's finally a bit of intent kicking in. In relative terms, a scoring-rate of 4 in the last few overs seems a little too extravagant. Ahh, we've been spoilt. But again, importantly, the Bangladeshi bowlers deserve all the credit.

Bangladesh refuse to relent. They just refuse to bowl anything loose. And you thought nerves? Really? Really?

Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha This is a fine start by Bangladesh. Lowest power play score by India. Sets up a good contest. #INDvBAN. #U19CWCFinal 08:57 AM • Feb 02, 2020

Man down. Tilak Varma's quick single comes in the firing line of the fielder's throw. And his knee takes the blow. The physio will come out with a spray, bandage his knee, apply some more spray, but will ensure that Varma continues.

This was coming. Dot after dot after dot after dot. Divyanshu Saxena can't take it any more, and after off his 17th ball with the Indian innings going nowhere, he chases a wide one with lots of ambition, carving straight to backward point.

6 overs | 8 runs. And the highest scorer in those 8 Indian runs? Extras (4). A storm is brewing in the Bay of Bengal!

Mohammad Kaif @MohammadKaif All the best to the Indian U19 team for the #U19CWCFinal. Keep doing all that you’ve done throughout the tournament and you’ll be good! ???????????????? #INDvBAN 07:51 AM • Feb 02, 2020

So Bangladesh know something that we don't .. It has been ten years since a side batting first won the Cup, and that was Australia beating Pakistan. Hmmmm. Not bad. A decision influenced by overnight rain, and tipped over by statistics. If only the rest of the world worked like this ..

Okay, how's this for a start: 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0. Yea, two maidens. It's just what happens when two completely unbeaten sides face off.

Bangladesh U19 (Playing XI): Parvez Hossain Emon, Tanzid Hasan, Mahmudul Hasan Joy, Towhid Hridoy, Shahadat Hossain, Avishek Das, Akbar Ali(w/c), Shamim Hossain, Rakibul Hasan, Shoriful Islam, Tanzim Hasan Sakib

India U19 (Playing XI): Yashasvi Jaiswal, Divyansh Saxena, Tilak Varma, Priyam Garg(c), Dhruv Jurel(w), Siddhesh Veer, Atharva Ankolekar, Ravi Bishnoi, Sushant Mishra, Kartik Tyagi, Akash Singh

Toss time --Well, well. These kids don't conform to normal age-old traditions, do they? Akbar Ali wins the toss, and opts to bowl. Pressure on the big night in the chase you say? What's that? Ah, kids!

Here we go then, here's where you'll get it bbb, here's the secret behind India's newest sensation and here's a profile on Bangladesh's latest star.

Virat Kohli @imVkohli Sending my best wishes to the Indian U19 Cricket Team ahead of their World Cup final. The nation is behind you, bring it home boys. ???????? #U19CWC #IndianCricket @BCCI 06:16 AM • Feb 02, 2020

9:00 am local | THE REAL DEAL --So unless you happen to be Sachin Tendulkar or Shahid Afridi, today's the most you can even hope to achieve as a nineteen-year-old. Also, given the obsession with achieving everything underage, it's also fitting that two sub-continental sides have made it thus far. It's going to be fun. It's going to be gripping. And more importantly, it's going to take forward an entire legacy and an entirely new rivalry their respective senior boys have set up over the last few years ..

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