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Cricket news - 'Never imagined I would bowl such a fine spell against Dravid and Laxman'

Umesh Yadav dismissed Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman in a Duleep Trophy encounter

Umesh Yadav dismissed Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman in a Duleep Trophy encounter

"Embrace the struggle and let it make you stronger. The struggle won't last forever." On today's episode of Spicy Pitch, we have the story of Umesh Yadav - one of India's premier fast bowlers. A story of strength, a story of determination and a story of character. Raw pace, aggression and swag - he's got it all.

"Cricket is a part of my life and without cricket, life is incomplete." says the speedster as he talks about the importance of India's most loved sport. "Fast bowling has given me a name and it has given me an identity. When I'm bowling, I'm altogether in a different world."

Recollecting his childhood days on Spicy Pitch, Umesh talks about how mischievous he was as a kid. But at the same time, just like many other kids, he too had dreams of achieving something big. He has made it big and how!

"I was so naughty in my childhood that I wouldn't sleep at nights. I used to go the orchards and steal mangoes. Yes, I was naughty, but just like others, even that little boy (addressing himself) had dreams of his own. He had a belief that he could achieve something big," says Yadav.

As a kid, Umesh had a lot of struggles with the lack of money being the prime reason for his difficulties. Buying a cricket kit can be expensive, and being from a humble background his family couldn't afford to buy him one. Consequently, in order to buy the essential equipments, Umesh used to play cricket - day in and day out.

"I wouldn't get money from home but I had to buy spikes, a bat, pads and other things. Where would I get the money from? So, I used to play three matches in a day in the scorching heat. It didn't matter how hot the conditions in Nagpur were, I used to play and that period I believe was was a struggle for me."

"A person who climbs to the top from the bottom, he is never scared of anything. If I fall from here, I know how hard the ground hits. I have risen from there," says Umesh.

It was his raw pace that attracted Vidarbha coaches. He was wayward but his express pace is what impressed everyone. But playing against the likes of Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman during Duleep Trophy before he made his India debut was the turning point of Umesh's career. Yadav bagged a five-wicket haul that included Laxman's and Dravid's wicket and that's where he got the recognition, feels Umesh.

"When I went to play the Duleep Trophy match and got to know the team I would be playing against and I would be bowling against the likes of Dravid and Laxman - I was terrified. I had never imagined that I would bowl such a fine spell under such a pressure situation. I took a 5-wicket haul for South Zone and I got the big wickets of Dravid and Laxman. That gave me immense confidence.

"People say that their situation is tough, or they've seen such a hard life and struggled their way here. I say everyone has a hard life, no one has it easy. The main thing is to have faith and if you believe in yourself you'll find success and the space you need in your life, there's nothing else to it," ends Yadav on a philosophical note.

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