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Cricket news - Player registration portal opened for inaugural Minor League Cricket

Representative Image: The 24-team city-based T20 competition is slated to begin on August 22

Representative Image: The 24-team city-based T20 competition is slated to begin on August 22

USA Cricket and American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) announced the opening of an online player registration portal for the inaugural edition of the 24-team city-based Minor League Cricket T20. The registration process which opened up earlier this week is set to continue until its deadline on July 31. The registration process will lay the initial groundwork for the player draft which is tentatively set for the first week of August.

"It is exciting to know that we have received over 1000 player registrations on our website at in mere two days of the opening of the registration process. Minor League Cricket is confirmed for this year starting August 22 obviously keeping Covid (impacts) in mind. It is thrilling to introduce an official top level domestic T20 cricket tournament in the US that will feature players of international repute and quality," said William Swann, Director of Corporate Development at ACE to Cricbuzz.

Cricbuzz understands that there are multiple moving pieces to the player draft of the first edition of the Minor League. All the four conferences (Western, Central, Southern and Eastern) will further constitute to have its own 'draft zones' if there is more than one team situated in the vicinity, the idea being to hold a draft in each draft zone rather than having a single unified draft on the whole. For example, the Eastern Conference consists of a draft zone that encompasses New Jersey and New York City. This draft zone is set to field 3 teams and these 3 teams will then partake in a draft that will consist of players registered specifically in these draft zones.

Leading up to the draft day a franchise owner will be able to recruit 3 'professional players', 3 'domestic players' and 3 U21 players in their 18 men roster. A franchise owner can directly recruit these players outside of the draft provided the player had selected that franchise owner's team as the 'preferred team' during the registration process.

A player who has played any game at the international, FC, List A or 'T20' level will be considered a 'professional'. The professional players are further classified into 'domestic professionals', who are players domiciled in the US and 'Wildcard professionals' who are players not domiciled in the US. However, there will be a cap of only 1 wildcard professional per team. Players will be considered in the domestic and U21 categories if they are US citizens or are already domiciled in the US and do not fall in the 'professional' category.

Despite ACE being the promoters and owners of the Minor League, USA Cricket CEO Iain Higgins in an earlier chat with Cricbuzz had indicated that Minor League Cricket will be one of the important pathways towards national selection and the board intends to work closely with ACE on matters governing selection policies among a few others.

"We want to be as transparent with the governance and selection matters as possible. We have set up a Minor League Governing Council that will be comprised of members from ACE, USA Cricket office bearers and a few representatives from the independent local leagues" said Sameer Mehta of ACE.

"We have also put selection mechanisms in place. Each team will have a 3-member selection committee to oversee squad selection. The chairman of the selection committee will be appointed by the franchise owner with strong ties in the local cricketing fraternity. The other 2 selectors will be appointed by ACE in consultation with the Governing Council and the franchise owner respectively."

US is a home to an incredibly large number of expats from the commonwealth and the Indian subcontinent especially. This includes innumerable players who have played decent amount of representational and age limit competitive cricket in their homeland as well as the 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants who have successfully managed to preserve the game in a country where cricket is by large an alien sport. With more than 400 players set to be drafted into these teams to play official domestic cricket for the very first time in their lives, Minor League Cricket is set to galvanize the US cricketing community like never before.

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