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AB de Villiers has started IPL 2020 with 51. How many will he get in the season?

AB de Villiers has started IPL 2020 with 51. How many will he get in the season?

That's all from us folks! Hope you enjoyed this cracker. Until next time then ...

Deepu Narayanan @deeputalks Worst eight-wicket collapses in IPL run chases 15/8 (101/2-116) SRH vs DC Hyderabad 2019 32/8 (121/2-153) SRH vs RCB Dubai 2020 * 33/8 (83/2-116) KXIP vs Deccan Dharamsala 2011 #SRHvRCB #IPL2020 06:03 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Yuzi Chahal, Player of the Match: When I bowled my first over, I realized I need to bowl stump-to-stump line and backed myself. At one point they were batting well and I was trying to bowl loopy ones and wide of the reach which helped in building pressure. When I bowled to Pandeu I was trying to outside off-stump and with Bairstow I bowled little fuller and when Vijay came Virat and AB told me to go for a googly and it worked. I put some mud on my hands to make sure there is no dew and really brilliant.

AB de Villiers: Very happy. Worked very hard for that win. For a change we are on the right side of a close game early in the season As a 36-year-old you do doubt yourself, but we did work very hard in the training and I am very happy with the basics that we have done. Very competitive, the young players coming and looking like international players is really exciting to watch. I have taken Josh (Josh Phillippe) under my wing like Mark Boucher took me under his wing. Padikkal is a shy and quiet guy but I don't have to say much really, he looks like a really good talent.

Virat Kohli: It's amazing and last year we were on the other side of the results. We kept our composure tonight. Yuzi came in and changed the game for us. Tonight he showed that if you have skill, you can get purchase on any wicket and the way he came in and bowled attacking lines and he was the one in my opinion who changed the game. We started really well and Devdutt was really good and Finch was good too. AB batting in the last three overs helped us push it past 160 and as I said, the fact that we didn't let negativity slip into the bowling group was a great sign and Dube bowling those three overs was really good to see.

David Warner: I can't remember the last time I was out like that. There's four things that happened in this game that I have never seen before. A lot of courage for Mitchell to go out there and try. Hopefully, it isn't too bad, it was quite painful for him, so fingers crossed. We had the run chase in control and we knew that we had to go after their bowlers in the end. Probably the last over of Chahal was the turning point out there. We have to go back to the drawing board; we obviously can't fix what happened today but we have to go back and work hard before our next game in Abu Dhabi. There are talking points but the guys know what they have to do. Exciting times for Indian cricket and I can't wait to see what the young players produce.

All over - RCB win by 10 runs

Take a bow Yuzvendra Chahal and Navdeep Saini. It was Chahal who started the collapse with Manish Pandey's wicket. SRH had built steadily towards 164 with a 71-run stand between Bairstow and Pandey.

Pandey threw away his wicket and Bairstow went for an ugly slog and missed. Chahal removed Vijay Shankar for a duck. Panic struck the SRH middle-order with Mitchell Marsh. It was a tough ask for debutant Priyam Garg and Abhishek Sharma. The middle-order crumbled under pressure and the think-tank watched in despair.

SRH's problem were thoroughly exposed. Warner and Bairstow are brilliant on top but they have a very fragile middle-order. RCB found that out and ensured they didn't give up. They kept tightening the screws and eased home comfortably in the end.

SRH gasping

Another one bites the dust. Too good from Saini and Rashid has no answers to that. Mitchell Marsh has hobbled out to bat. Equation 22 off 12.

SRH 142 for 8

Saini gets one

Full, straight, fast - Saini beats Bhuvneshwar for pace and rattles the stumps. Equation 27 off 14.

SRH 141 for 7.

What is going on?

The SRH camp looks stunned and they have a run out now. Off-cutter from Dube and Abhishek Sharma flicked it wide of long-on. He wanted two, Rashid was coming back as well. Both were looking at the ball and there was a mid-pitch collision. Rashid is on the floor and Abhishek is run out. Terrible cricket.

SRH 136 for 6


Shivam Dube strikes now. Priyam Garg wanted to scoop a length delivery but gets the execution horribly wrong. Top edge onto the helmet and then onto the stumps.

SRH 129 for 5

Two in two

Vijay Shankar comes and goes. Googly from Chahal and it beats the defence of Shankar. The stump lights go up and the legspinner has rattled SRH. Will this be the stunning comeback RCB were searching for? No hat-trick for Chahal as Abhishek Sharma plays it out.

SRH 121 for 4

Match-changing moment?

Tossed up and Bairstow went for an ugly slog. Missed the delivery and Chahal has knocked over the poles. Bairstow falls for 61 off 43. SRH need 43 off 28 with still no clarity of Mitchell Marsh will bat or not. Too much pressure on the remaining batsmen now and SRH needed Bairstow to stay there.

SRH 121 for 3

Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha Kohli is putting a lot of faith in his slower balls to bowl at the death.... 05:19 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Cricbuzz @cricbuzz Umesh Yadav last four matches vs SRH 0/31 (4) 0/47 (4) 0/46 (4) 0/48 (4) Bogey team for Umesh? #IPL2020 #SRHvRCB 05:16 PM • Sep 09, 2020

What have you done Dale Steyn?

Umesh Yadav comes back into the attack and Bairstow top edges the first ball. Steyn was at deep fine leg and it went very high. Steyn had no chance by the looks of it. It fell just next to him as he looked shaky all the way. He's blaming the lights but it's a big moment in the chase. Bairstow gets to a half-century off 37 balls now.

SRH 102 for 2

Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha Big statement of faith on Priyam Garg from #SRH. Thought it would be the more experienced Vijay Shankar 05:04 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Chahal strikes ...

And the very next ball, Chahal gets the wicket. Tossed up outside off again and this time Pandey has hit it straight to long-off. Easy catch and the 71-run stand has come to an end. Pressure mounting on SRH? They need 75 off 48.

SRH 89 for 2

Review lost

Nothing going RCB's way now. Tossed up outside off by Chahal and Pandey wanted to slap that to cover. There was no edge but RCB went for a review.

SRH 89 for 1


Bairstow gets a life. Full and outside off and hammered by Bairstow. Hit extremely hard and the ball burst threw Finch's finger because of the speed of the ball. Tough one.

SRH 83 for 1

SRH need 86 off 60 ...

After an early break, the bowlers haven't been able to put SRH under pressure. Bairstow and Pandey have struck boundaries at will and haven't let the asking rate to get away from them. Will this be an easy win? Or will RCB pull things back? Kohli needs quick wickets ...

SRH 78 for 1

Deepu Narayanan @deeputalks Bairstow average in Powerplay in T20s since 2017 vs pace: 68.8 (dismissed every 49.4 balls) vs spin: 26.4 (dismissed every 18.8 balls) In IPL 2019, he was dismissed by spin seven times and pace just once. #SRHvRCB #IPL2020 04:07 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Powerplay done - SRH 48 for 1

Lucky break

Such an unlucky dismissal for Warner. Umesh Yadav has been all over the place and has been struck for a six and a boundary by Bairstow. It was another poor delivery - a full toss - and Bairstow blunted that straight towards the umpire. Umesh got a hand to that and the ball struck the stumps at the non-striker's end. Warner was a dead duck. Awful way to get out.

SRH 18 for 1

Alrighty then, Warner is on strike and Bairstow is his partner. Dale Steyn to start with the ball. Who'll win tonight?

Deepu Narayanan @deeputalks Kohli and AB scored 33 off 4.4 overs. They did not have the license to go after the bowling straight away. Missed Moeen Ali in the middle overs. 03:45 PM • Sep 09, 2020

SRH set 164

A superb comeback from SRH and their bowlers. RCB were 90 for no loss in 11 overs. They end with 163 for 5 with half-centuries from Padikkal and de Villiers. The run out of the latter hurt RCB a bit but it won't be a straight-forward chase for SRH. It's not a batting paradise and a lot will depend on how they start.

Fifty and out

He's not played a match in the last six months? Not a problem. AB de Villiers has come out and ensured the momentum gathered by the openers wasn't lost. He gets his half-century off 29 balls and takes RCB past 160. He's, however, run out on the next ball

RCB 162 for 4

200 sixes for ABD for RCB ...

Big wicket

Kohli tries to launch Natarajan into the stands and it caught at deep midwicket. Another timely wicket for SRH as the RCB captain falls for just 14.

RCB 123 for 3

Bharat Sundaresan @beastieboy07 Wonder how often an IPL team has had two contemporary international captains in the same XI like @RCBTweets do here with Virat Kohli and Aaron Finch here (Might be very often but just curious) #IPL2020 #SRHvRCB 03:13 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Five overs to go ...

Both Kohli and AB are putting on a running exhibition. The boundaries are not coming but the runs haven't stopped either. Rashid has ended his spell and has figures of 0 for 31. Can RCB go big in the last five? How many will then get? Some exciting cricket coming up ...

RCB 116 for 2

Deepu Narayanan @deeputalks AB de Villiers vs Rashid Khan in IPL: Nine balls | Two dismissals | SR 77.78 other T20s: 32 balls | No dismissals | SR 215.63 #IPL2020 #SRHvsRCB 03:03 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Finch falls

One brings two now for SRH. Full and straight from Abhishek Sharma and Finch wanted to sweep. Missed it and was plumb in front. Can SRH pull things back now?

RCB 90 for 2

Padikkal falls

Straight from Shankar and Padikkal wanted to put that into the stands. He's missed it and lost his stumps as well. First wicket for SRH and a 90-run stand also comes to an end.

Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha Outstanding debut from young Padikkal. Can see why there was so much hype about him. Wish him well, he is exciting. Loved the on-side pick-up shot and the drive over mid-off 03:00 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Oh, dear! Oh, dear!

SRH look pretty terrible on the field now. Length ball and mistimed towards deep midwicket by Padikkal. It should have been a simple catch but Abhishek Sharma and Fabien Allen charged towards the ball. There was plenty of ball and none of them could hold on. Very ordinary from the two players. There haven't been too many chances and they've let go that came to them.

RCB 89 for no loss

10 overs done

SRH are still searching for their first wicket but have managed to curb the run-scoring a bit. Rashid bowled three dots to Finch but then was hit for a four and a six. Paddikal is getting close to his half-century on debut and that has meant he slowed down a bit. However, he got to the landmark with a boundary against Abhishek Sharma. Rashid Khan terribly misjudged the catch and gave the debutant a life.

SRH have been terrible on the field and it's now hurting them. How many will they chase? Looks like plenty ...

RCB 86 for no loss

Powerplay done - RCB have bossed it and their openers are still out there with 53 on the board ...

Injury scare - Mitchell Marsh trips on his follow-through and has hurt his ankle. He's left the field after bowling four balls in his first over ...

Terrible from Vijay Shankar. He bowled a no-ball and was hammered for a six on the free-hit by Finch. That delivery too was a no-ball. The subsequent free-hit was caught at cover. Then a wide as a long nine-ball over came to an end. SRH under a lot of pressure now.

Kritika Naidu @Kritzika Ouch! That doesn’t look good for Mitch Marsh. #SRHvsRCB 02:21 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Padikkal on fire!

The nerves were there just for the first over. Padikkal first forced both Bhuvneshwar and Sandeep to shorten their lengths - and hence killed the swing on offer - and now has taken a liking to T Natarajan. Three boundaries in the fourth over and he's rattled the bowler. Padikkal moved to 29 off 19.

RCB 32 for no loss

Alrighty then, Padikkal and Finch to open for RCB. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start with the ball. Excited?

TOSS - SRH opt to bowl. Padikkal, Joshua Philippe to make debut for RCB.

SRH - David Warner(c), Jonny Bairstow(w), Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Mitchell Marsh, Priyam Garg, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

RCB - Aaron Finch, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Josh Philippe(w), Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Umesh Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Dale Steyn, Yuzvendra Chahal

Aaron Finch IPL sides

Ajith Ramamurthy @Ajith_tweets Half an hour from Toss! #IPL #SRHvRCB 12:55 PM • Sep 09, 2020

Will Devdutt Padikkal make his IPL debut today?

Kaushik R @kaushik_cb Devdutt Padikkal @11: Dragged his kit across Ulsoor, sobbing, after not getting a go at the nets @19: Bossed all 3 formats in a single season for Karnataka @20: Locked himself up in a room to ensure he was on that plane to UAE #RCB #IPL2020 @PrakashG_CB 07:01 AM • Sep 09, 2020

Another year and another go at that elusive title for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Virat Kohli's side has finished last, sixth and last again in the past three seasons with the bowling often coming under scrutiny. This year, they have strengthened that department by spending big on Chris Morris while also retaining the services of Dale Steyn. These two will have their task cut out right from the word go as RCB are up against the best opening combination from last season - David Warner and Jonny Bairstow. These two batsmen set the tournament on fire in 2019 with four partnerships in excess of 100 with RCB on the receiving end on one of the occasions.

If they manage to go past the openers, there is a lot of scope for RCB to keep SRH to a moderate total. That middle order looked vulnerable last season. And changes have been made in search of better results this time around. But how will the likes of Virat Singh, Priyam Garg and Abdul Samad fare very early in the tournament remains to be seen. Manish Pandey turned his form around after being promoted to number 3 at the end of the tournament last year and if he can retain that touch, the young middle order can breathe easy.

It will be interesting to see the match-up between Rashid Khan and RCB's dynamic duo of Kohli and AB de Villiers. Teams preferred playing out the leggie last year and that might prompt Warner to use Rashid in different stages of the innings. Once billed the best bowling attack in the IPL, SRH's bowling stocks were on the wane following Bhuvneshwar Kumar's dull returns. If he can regain his mojo, the RCB's batsmen won't have it easy.

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