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Cricket news - BCCI in no hurry to decide venue for remainder of IPL 2021

Could the IPL 2021 be finished in the UK? There are no significant developments.

Could the IPL 2021 be finished in the UK? There are no significant developments.

Will the postponed 'second leg' of IPL 2021 be staged in England? The reported interest of a few counties to host the 31 remaining games has created a flutter among the real stakeholders of the league - the franchises - but they seem to be naively ignorant of this.

The Chief Executives Committee (CEC) of the International Cricket Council (ICC) met virtually on Thursday (May 6) and the CEOs did not discuss the UK as a potential venue for the IPL but they did however deliberate upon the ICC calendar post 2023. There was a brief talk on cricket in the Olympics too, but it was just that - brief and nothing substantial. The Olympic Committee of the ICC will have to report to the CEC, which is expected to happen later.

There was no discernible move on the projected change of venue of the T20 WC either, from India to UAE in October-November. With the IPL ending abruptly, the BCCI's case to host the T20 WC has definitely weakened but the CEOs left the topic for the future and did not touch upon it for the time being. There were certainly some deliberations on the calendar post 2023 and as previously reported by this website, consensus seems to be emerging on 14 teams for the ODI world Cup

As about the IPL going to the UK, the England and Wales Cricket (ECB) officials were not forthcoming but one county boss, Rod Bransgrove of Hampshire, expressed surprise. "I did hear about the discussion but I am not sure how it can happen. As per the current arrangement, it will be illegal to host the IPL here," the veteran administrator told Cricbuzz. The ECB and MCC did not comment.

The BCCI is certainly exploring a window - most likely in September -- to complete the IPL season but it is not in a hurry to decide on the venue. Going forward, the BCCI will have to deal with the ICC eventually so that the two do not clash over UAE, which could be the best possible venue for both the tournaments - IPL as well as the T20 WC.