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  • 'If a player's available for West Indies, he'll be considered for World Cup & beyond'

    's a Player'is Available for the west Indies, it'll be, as for the world cup & on'

    Cricket West Indies president Ricky Skerritt has revealed to Cricbuzz that a new selection policy in the Caribbean will see the Caribbean side going into the World Cup with their ...

  • The meaning of the World Cup

    The Importance of the world cup

    Virat Kohli crossed a Rubicon in March when he led his Indian team out in an ODI against Australia wearing camouflage-style caps. Sanctioned by the ICC, fully endorsed by ...

  • Allan Lamb, the man who set the ODI pace that England have finally caught on to

    Allan Lamb, the Man, the ODI Pace that England, finally, prisoner


  • Not my cup of tee

    Not my Cup of tea

    Moeen Ali is not a golf fan, and while that may not seem particularly newsworthy, it does put him in the minority among English cricketers.The obsession with golf within ...

  • A cure for Choking?

    A Cure for the Redevelopment?

    We are inside the team hotel, on the eve of a do-or-die World Cup encounter. Nets have been done, team-talk talked, dinner eaten, and the players are ...

  • I have learnt most in my life from failures and setbacks - Virat Kohli

    I've done the most in my Life, Mistakes and Failures - Virat Kohli

    It's been barely two weeks since that World Cup heartbreak in Manchester. Firm favourites to lift the title, India lost in the semifinal to New Zealand. Even before the ...

  • Live Cricket Score - Australia vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Day 3, Brisbane

    Live Cricket Score of Australia vs Sri Lanka, 1. Test, Day 3, Brisbane

    Jhye Richardson: It all went really fast. Have not put very much slept in the first night, happy to that effort. The boys is excellent. The support was there all ...

  • "My professional development for the year, is to play more golf"

    "of My professional Development, for the Year, is to play golf"

    Justin Langer left the rest of the Australian team's senior coaching staff in absolute befuddlement at the start of the summer in Adelaide when he announced that his "professional ...

  • Munro dropped for first two Bangladesh ODIs; Guptill returns

    Munro fell for the first two Bangladesh ODIs; Guptill are

    Colin Munro has been dropped from the New Zealand squad for the first two ODIs against Bangladesh. The 31-year-old opener will come in as a replacement for Kane ...

  • Alex Hales' Hell week

    Alex Hales' Hell Of The Week

    A few years ago, after another bad day of PR for the England and Wales Cricket Board, one senior official at the governing body turned to another and quipped: "there'...

  • Shunning past negativity, Roy sees a clear future

    Avoid eating in front of the Negativity, the Roy sees a serene Future

    Among many observations from Jason Roy's time on the international scene it is his bluntness when past failures are brought up.He is not unique in that sense. Sports ...

  • Favourites tag a huge compliment - Morgan

    Favorites day a huge Compliment - Morgan

    In the days prior to the 2015 World Cup, England were already nursing wounds. Alastair Cook had been sacked and Eoin Morgan given the mother of all hospital passes. His ...

  • A battle between a heavyweight pugilist and a bare-knuckled boxer

    A Fight between Heavyweight pugilist, and a bare knuckled boxer

    At around noon on Saturday, hundreds of Bristolians broke on to the streets of the bustling city centre, carrying "Kill to Dress" banners, as part of their Extinction Rebellion. In ...

  • Desperate Pakistan hope to banish recent ODI demons

    Desperate, the Pakistan, the Hope to banish the last ODI Demons

    If you've not been to Nottingham before, you're in for a treat.It's big enough to have a lot going on and just about small enough to ...

  • Aaron Finch - The train-hopping country boy leading Australia's World Cup sprint

    Aaron Finch, The Train tour country boy leader of Australia's World Cup sprint

    On May 29, a day before the World Cup started, the captains of the 10 participating nations were given an audience with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.Once they were ...

  • England's promise vs Australia's pedigree in tussle for one final spot

    England'is the Promise vs Australia's family tree, in a Duel for a final spot

    A mosey around Birmingham, a few coffees, perhaps some time in the hotel with their feet up. Aaron Finch will be headed to the cinema with his wife to see ...

  • The joy of watching a Steve Smith net session

    The Joy of watching a Steve Smith net session

    The Derby county ground was rendered half-empty for a strange 45-minute period on Friday (August 30). For, hundreds of spectators who'd paid 20 quid each to watch ...

  • Another messy day of cricket for CSA

    Another disorder Day Cricket for CSA

    Like most journalists, Stuart Hess didn't want to make the news when he arrived at the Wanderers on Sunday morning. Unlike most journalists, he didn't have the choice. ...

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