Matthew Motts Calls For Five-day Women’s Tests

Cricket News By TODAYLIVESCORE.INFO - Matthew Motts calls for five-day women's Tests. India and Australia picked two points each from the drawn Test

Matthew Motts Calls For Five-day Women’s TestsIndia and Australia picked two points each from the drawn Test

After Australia women hung on to take a draw against India on an eventful fourth day involving a couple of sporting declarations, head coach Matthew Mott has called for an extra day of play to women's Tests.

“The five days for me [is ideal]… the last couple of Tests we've lost a full day of cricket so essentially you're playing a 3-day game on a surface that doesn't have any wear and tear. It is difficult. If this game had gone another day, I think we would've seen a very good Test match,” Motts said in the post-match press conference on Sunday (October 3).

Australia began the day under the pump and just about avoided follow-on before declaring 136 runs behind India's first-innings score of 377/8. The decision, perhaps, stemmed from the fact that there was very little time to force something out of the four-day fixture, which also lost significant periods to rain. Mott reckoned inclement weather was inevitable at this time of the year in Queensland, and a little more time in the game would've benefited everyone.

“I do think inevitably at this time of the years in queensland there's a big chance of losing some time to rain. In women's cricket we probably don't get enough wear and tear on the wicket as our male counterparts. So it's a bit of a different game from that perspective, the spinners can't get as much into the footmarks. A little bit more time in the game would certainly help everyone. And I think if we're going to devote that time to it, I don't think it is a lot to ask for one extra day,” Motts said.

The multi-format points system, that came into existence in the 2013 Women's Ashes, had teams pocketing six points for a win and two for a dtaw. That underwent a change in 2015, with teams taking away 4 for a win – minimising the impact of the result of one-off Tests on the rest of the series. Matts reckoned it could perhaps be cut down to even two, so that teams would take more risk in pursuit of a favourable result, and not let the prospect of relinquishing four points to the opposition weigh down on the teams.

“We've debated this over the last few Tests, and I do think once it was six points, now it is four. Maybe we should take it back to 2 so that teams are willing to roll the dice a little bit more. It's only human. It's the context of the series. We would have loved to have taken the game on and done it, but it is a chance to give up 4 points to India as well so maybe that's something we can look at,” Motts said.

Test cricket for the women's teams around the world have been few and far between, so Motts was unsure how to judge his players based on just one result, specially when most of the cricket played by these players are in white-ball formats. Australia had the rub of the green at the toss, but erred at the beginning to allow India to get their eye in, and were behind the eight-ball all through.

“I don't really know to be honest,” Motts admitted, on how he would judge his players on such sporadic fixtures. “You play 95% of cricket with the white ball and we've got two Tests coming up, so it is hard. I think the type of the Test match plays a factor.

“I like to think that we'll get better every time we play. It is difficult to perform. Normally we would have a practice match beforehand. To be honest, I would like to see us play five-day Tests and play a similar sort of format to what we've had,” he added.

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