Minor League Cricket Week 7: Foo Keeps Philadelphians In Playoff Hunt

Cricket News By TODAYLIVESCORE.INFO - Minor League Cricket Week 7: Foo keeps Philadelphians in playoff hunt. Jonathan Foo scored 86 against DC Hawks

Minor League Cricket Week 7: Foo Keeps Philadelphians In Playoff HuntJonathan Foo scored 86 against DC Hawks

Atlantic Conference- Eastern Division

An ice cool Jonathan Foo kept the Philadelphians in the playoff hunt as the tournament heads into its final weekend of the league stage. Foo plundered 16 runs of Dane Piedt's final over to hand The Philadelphians a nervy win off the penultimate ball. The New England Eagles who are out of contention for the playoffs spoiled the Yorkers' party by pulling off an unlikely heist off the final over. Rizwan Mazhar slapped Poojan Mody for 3 consecutive sixes to take the Eagles home off the final ball of the game.

Atlantic Conference- Southern Division

Morrisville Cardinals shot themselves in the foot by losing both their games during the weekend. Cardinals, who appeared a certainty to advance to the playoffs, have now lost 4 games on the trot. Cardinals' loss is Atlanta Param Veers gain as the latter are now set to qualify for the playoffs if they beat Atlanta Fire in both their scheduled games the coming weekend. If Param Veers pull off that unlikely result of toppling the Fire twice in two games, they will edge out the Cardinals and go to the playoffs with an already qualified Atlanta Fire.

Pacific Conference- Western Division

Hammad Azam produced a masterful 69 off 46 balls against the Seattle Thunderbolts to have the Golden State Grizzlies book their play off berth. Azam was a cut above the rest with the bat as the next highest score ended up being 16 with the Thunderbolts only managing to crawl their way to 68 for 6 in 20 overs. Going into the final weekend of the league stage East Bay Blazers and Silicon Valley Strikers start at 38 points each with 2 games each to play vying for the final playoff spot from Western Division after the Grizzlies.

Pacific Conference- Central Division

The weekend produced agony and ecstasy in equal measure for the Houston Hurricanes, sliding to defeat in the final ball of the game against Austin Athletics while pulling off a dramatic win against the Irving Mustangs with 16 needed of the final over. The fluctuating fortunes of the Hurricanes now give a sniff to the Michigan Cricket Stars to book a playoff spot in place of the Hurricanes. The Stars would hope they win both their remaining encounters against a weak Chicago Blasters side while the Hurricanes lose their final league game against the Irving Mustangs. Hurricanes go through if they win their final game and edge out the Stars with Austin Athletics already qualifying from the Central Division.

Day 1

Atlantic Conference

Empire State Titans vs New England Eagles

Brief Scores: Titans 224/2 in 20 overs (Trevon Griffith 71; Abdullah Syed 1-22) beat Eagles 51/10 in 17.5 overs (Assad Fudadin 21; Trevon Griffith 4-9)

Morrisville Cardinals vs Atlanta Fire

Brief Scores: Cardinals 142/9 in 20 overs (Murali Ankaraju 29; Corne Dry 3-22) lost to Fire 145/6 in 14.3 overs (Rishi Bhardwaj 48; Aditya Gupta 4-27)

The Philadelphians vs Somerset Cavaliers

Brief Scores: Philadelphians 155/5 in 20 overs (Milind Kumar 33; Imrul Hashib 2-24) lost to Cavaliers 156/5 in 19.1 overs (John Campbell 41; Aditya Sharma 3-16)

Orlando Galaxy vs Ft Lauderdale Lions

Brief Scores: Galaxy 193/3 in 20 overs (Meetul Patel 93; Roy Silva 2-49) beat Ft Lauderdale Lions 187/6 in 20 overs (Ashok Gonuguntla 58; Rohit Dutchin 3-25)

Empire State Titans vs Manhattan Yorkers

Brief Scores: Titans 208/6 in 20 overs (Christopher Barnwell 76; Raj Bhavsar 2-32) beat Yorkers 158/9 in 20 overs (Gauranshu Sharma 71; Trinson Carmichael 3-17)

DC Hawks vs The Philadelphians

Brief Scores: Hawks 157/7 in 20 overs (Adil Bhatti 58; Milind Kumar 3-18) lost to Philadelphians 158/7 in 19.5 overs (Jonathan Foo 86; Adil Bhatti 3-23)

Atlanta Param Veers vs Morrisville Cardinals

Brief Scores: Param Veers 150/7 in 20 overs (Sahil Charania 49; Aditya Gupta 2-14) beat Cardinals 142/10 in 19.3 overs (Lahiru Milantha 52; Heer Patel 4-16)

Pacific Conference

East Bay Blazers vs Seattle Thunderbolts

Brief Scores: Blazers 116/9 in 20 overs (Mario Rampersaud 26; Andries Gous 2-15) beat Thunderbolts 75/7 in 20 overs (Prajith Mudi 18; Sujith Gowda 2-7)

Irving Mustangs vs Houston Hurricanes

Brief Scores: Mustangs 171/7 in 20 overs (Ali Sheikh 59; Naseer Jamali 2-28) lost to Hurricanes 172/4 in 19.5 overs (Saqlain Haider 63; Najaf Shah 1-29)

Chicago Catchers vs Chicago Blasters

Brief Scores: Catchers 123/4 in 20 overs (Karan Kumar 42; Datta Prakash 2-26) lost to Blasters 126/6 in 19.1 overs (Fahad Babar 59; Tejas Visal 1-18)

Golden State Grizzlies vs Seattle Thunderbolts

Brief Scores: Grizzlies 128/8 in 20 overs (Hammad Azam 69; Shadley Van Schalkwyk 2-6) beat Thunderbolts 68/6 in 20 overs (Prajith Mudi 16; Vatsal Vaghela 2-6)

Day 2

Atlantic Conference

Ft. Lauderdale Lions vs Orlando Galaxy

Brief Scores: Lions 121/10 in 20 overs (Omari Williams 48; Ramone Medwinter 3-22) lost to Galaxy 122/4 in 19 overs (Rohit Dutchin 55; Elton Tucker Jr 2-14)

DC Hawks vs Somerset Cavaliers

Brief Scores: Hawks 161/7 in 20 overs (Ravi Inder Singh 68; Ali Pasha 4-14) beat Cavaliers 99/10 in 17 overs (Nkrumah Bonner 23; Sarabjit Ladda 4-16)

Manhattan Yorkers vs New England Eagles

Brief Scores: Yorkers 139/6 in 20 overs (Shane Moseley 46; Abdullah Syed 2-22) lost to Eagles 140/6 in 20 overs (Assad Fudadin 43; Raj Nannan 2-19)

New Jersey Stallions vs New England Eagles

Brief Scores: Stallions 104/8 in 20 overs (Justin Dill 27; Aryan Joshi 3-14) beat Eagles 91/10 in 19.3 overs (Abdullah Syed 43; Karan Patel 3-9)

Empire State Titans vs Somerset Cavaliers

Brief Scores: Titans 142/9 in 20 overs (Bhaskar Yadram 33; Noman Iftikhar 3-20) beat Cavaliers 112/4 in 20 overs (Oneil Powell 38; Navin Stewart 2-20)

Pacific Conference

Silicon Valley Strikers vs Seattle Thunderbolts

Brief Scores: Strikers 164/5 in 20 overs (Rahul Jariwala 81; Andries Gous 3-37) lost to Thunderbolts 165/3 in 19.2 overs (Shadley Van Schalkwyk 79; Roshon Primus 2-26)

San Diego Surf Riders vs Hollywood Master Blasters

Brief Scores: Surf Riders 104/8 in 20 overs (Timil Patel 23; Saikiran Valaboju 2-16) beat Master Blasters 89/10 in 19.1 overs (Karan Viradiya 19; Marty Kain 4-14)

Houston Hurricanes vs Austin Athletics

Brief Scores 150/6 in 20 overs (Derwish Ali 30; Laksh Parikh 2-24) lost to Athletics 151/5 in 20 overs (Awais Zia 40: Naseer Jamali 1-17)

Socal Lashings vs San Diego Surf Riders

Brief Scores: 147-8 in 20 overs (Iftekhar Ahmed 47: Siddharth Matani 3-32) beat Surf Riders 112/9 in 20 overs (Brynley Richards 31; Vedant Jain 3-13)

East Bay Blazers vs Golden State Grizzlies

Brief Scores: Blazers 146/8 in 20 overs (David White 76; Vatsal Vaghela 3-27) lost to Grizzlies 147/5 in 18.5 overs (Sami Aslam 46; Rusty Theron 3-25)

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