Full Scorecard: Leicestershire Vs Sussex, Division 3

Leicestershire vs Sussex, Division 3

Leicestershire won by an innings and 5 runs

SUS 1st Inns - 359/10
Ali Orr40(73)5054.79
c Ed Barnes b C Wright
Tom Haines71(113)10062.83
c George Rhodes b Ben Mike
B Brown133(234)13056.84
not out
FJ Hudson-Prentice7(18)1038.89
retd out
Oliver Carter40(125)5032
b Abidine Sakande
c Harry Swindells b C Wright
Tom Hinley19(33)3057.58
c Ed Barnes b C Wright
Jack Carson0(3)000
c Harry Swindells b C Wright
Henry Crocombe7(27)0025.93
b C Wright
Sean Hunt0(1)000
b C Wright
JP Sarro0(9)000
c Abidine Sakande b Ed Barnes

Extras 38

(nb 20, b 10, penalty 0, w 0, lb 8)

Total 359

(107.4 ovrs, 10 Wkts)  RR 3.33
C Wright293946
Abidine Sakande223771
Ben Mike162551
Ed Barnes17.42621
Callum Parkinson163380
George Rhodes70150
Fall Of Wickets
110624.1Ali Orr
217039.4Tom Haines
329181.2Oliver Carter
533496.2Tom Hinley
633496.5Jack Carson
7352102.2Henry Crocombe
8352102.3Sean Hunt
9359107.4JP Sarro
Match Info


Leicestershire vs Sussex, County Championship 2021


Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 - Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021


03:00 PM IST


Sussex won the toss and opt to bat


Grace Road, Leicester


Mark Newell (ENG), Tim Robinson (ENG)

Match Referee

James Whitaker (ENG)

LEIC playing

Hasan Azad, Samuel Evans, George Rhodes, Lewis Hill, Louis Kimber, Harry Swindells (wk), Ben Mike, Edward Barnes, Callum Parkinson (c), Chris Wright, Abidine Sakande

LEIC bench

Will Davis, Colin Ackermann, Scott Steel, Gavin Griffiths, Alex Evans

SUS playing

Alistair Orr, Tom Haines (c), Ben Brown, Oliver Carter (wk), Fynn Hudson-Prentice, Delray Rawlins, Jack Carson, Sean Hunt, Henry Crocombe, Joseph Sarro, Tom Hinley

SUS bench

George Garton, Danial Ibrahim, Jamie Atkins, Harrison Ward, James Coles