Still Haven’t Left Behind: Dhoni Coy On His IPL Future

Cricket News By TODAYLIVESCORE.INFO - Still haven't left behind: Dhoni coy on his IPL future. It's about making a strong core to ensure the franchise doesn't suffer: Dhoni

Still Haven’t Left Behind: Dhoni Coy On His IPL FutureIt's about making a strong core to ensure the franchise doesn't suffer: Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings marched to their fourth IPL title in Dubai, handing two-time winners Kolkata Knight Riders their first loss in the summit clash of this T20 tournament. Amidst the celebrations, MS Dhoni, who has led the franchise since the tournament's inception in 2008, provided a cryptic response to question on his IPL future in the face of the imminent big auction that'll also feature two new teams.

“Again I've said it before, it depends on BCCI. With two new teams coming in……we have to decide what is good for CSK. It's not about me being there in top-three or four. It's about making a strong core to ensure the franchise doesn't suffer. The core group, we have to have a hard look to see who can contribute for the next 10 years,” Dhoni said.

When prodded further by broadcaster Harsha Bhogle about the legacy he'd left behind, Dhoni added with a chuckle: “Still I haven't left behind (laughs)”

Here are other excerpts from the interviews with the broadcaster after the game.

MS Dhoni

Before I start talking about CSK, need to talk about KKR. [It is] difficult to come back and do what they have, if any team deserved to win the IPL, it's KKR. Huge credit to the coaches, team and support staff. The break really helped them. Coming to CSK, we shuffled players. We had match winners coming game after game and doing really well. Every final is special, if you look at stats, we may say we're the most consistent team to lose the final too. I feel it's important to come back strong, especially in the knockouts.

[On team talks] Frankly no chats, we don't talk a lot [meetings]. It's more one-on-one, our practice sessions are meeting sessions. The moment you get into a team room, it brings about different pressure.

Stephen Fleming, Head Coach

We've had a number of finals, but getting across the line is a challenge you want to conquer. There was criticism about the age of our squad but it's rewarding to finish the four-year cycle with the trophy. Experience is important, guys who've been there and done it before add so much. We don't get too deep into analytics and numbers, we go with gut feel and developing relationships with players, it's old-school but it's works for us.

Faf du Plesssis, Man of the Match

That was a great day. I am really grateful for today. It was also my 100th game in the IPL. I have loved my time here. I have done almost ten years here – two seasons were a bit of a break. No. 4 in the trophy cabinet is really good. Ruturaj Gaikwad is a special talent. Indian cricket is blessed with talent. He is getting better. He's got a super, bright future ahead of him. [On what he shares with him]I have a word with him, but I don't think he needs me.

Ruturaj Gaikwad, Orange Cap Winner

Feel on top of the moon to get the Orange Cap and have the winners trophy. Hard to describe in words, but amazing to win here after the season we had last year. I was part of the previous season where we didn't qualify, coming here, everyone had the belief, thankfully it happened here and I'm really happy. I didn't try to change [my game], when you're performing well and confident of your shots with lesser risks, you get the rewards. Yes, sometimes you have to make sure you're there till the end.

Moeen Ali, First Englishman to win the IPL

Can't describe how I'm feeling. To do it with this franchise is great. He's [Ruturaj Gaikwad] got no weakness. He's so calm. Has got every shot. Hopefully in the future will play for India. [On Fleming and Dhoni] So calm and so clear in what they want to do. No changes. Could've been dropped a couple of games ago. It's such a grounded and humble team.

Robin Uthappa

Extremely grateful, feels amazing to be part of this side especially how last year went for us. It was a very lean season for us last year and so it was important for us to come back and play as well as we could and really grateful that we have been able to. I just want to come in and contribute to the team's success, today we had a good start and it was important for us to take advantage and we had a set batsmen (Faf du Plessis) at the other end and I took it on and got a few shots.

They create very secure environment within the group and there's lot of clarity and communication within the support staff and the players and that really helps in building a secure group. I believe it's your players who are not playing in the eleven that really create the atmosphere within the group and they make sure that they look after the players who are not playing in the eleven and I think that's one of the biggest takeaways of our success in IPL.

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